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With an extensive and remarkably diverse career across film, TV and stage, Paul Capsis is probably best known as a performer of theatre, concert and cabaret, with critics having decreed him Australia’s “King of Cabaret”. On top of an array of Australian theatrical credits, Paul has also worked extensively internationally in cities as diverse New York, London, Vienna, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

A holiday quickie (catch up, that is) with Paul Capsis

TBS catches up with well-known and much-loved performer Paul Capsis for a quick Christmas chat about the year that’s been and the one that’s to come…


TBS: Paul, you played so many different roles just this year – who was the favourite character to play in 2014? 

Paul Capsis: That’s a hard question to answer. I have enjoyed all my roles this year and they have all been awesome. It’s hard to go past the evil Stromboli in Pinocchio but I’d have to say the one I am currently playing – Beverly Dumont, in Calpurnia Descending. She is my favourite in a long time.

TBS: What does 2015 hold in store for you?

PC: I don’t have too much work at this stage, but a trip to New York to do my first show on Broadway is on the cards, and perhaps some directing and more work with new and young Australian directors/writers would be very welcome.

TBS: You are performing at one of our favourite venues, 505 – how do you think venues like 505 have changed the arts scene in Sydney?

Paul: I think 505 is an important venue, because it’s about getting back to the work – to the music and not the three course meals. Punters want to buy a drink and relax and enjoy the show. I like the size of the place, the intimacy and the vibe. It’s very special and it’s in Surry Hills, my hood. If it has changed the arts scene, it would be to remind people that art is important – it’s crucial – and that if venues aren’t going to concentrate on presenting the music first and make that the focus, then the musicians are going to make their own space. All artists need to do that now in Australia. Times have changed how things are done.


TBS: How will you spend your Christmas this year?

PC: Hopefully with family and friends quietly. Maybe in a rural setting surrounded with dogs and horses.


TBS: If you could sit down with PM Tony Abbott right now, what would be on your Christmas wish list? 

PC: I’m not so sure sitting down with the Abbott would be so pleasant an experience for him. I’d really push the arts on to him and remind him how important it is for a nation to honour its arts….. it’s a crucial part of any culture and it needs to be diverse. Australia is multi-faceted. We need to give all arts the air, the time and space they deserve and not be like some second-rate thing. It needs to be supported Mr Abbott. Let’s not even start with the environment, the co-payment, the cutting of funds to ABC/SBS, education…… the nasty Chrissy Pyne and the other awful frontbenchers and their love affair with Mr Murdoch!!!!!!!


Get ready Sydney for the return of the king!  

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Paul is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most individual and versatile performers, effortlessly crossing between theatre, film, concerts and cabaret.  Paul will be joined by the brilliant and award-winning Alister Spence (piano), Cameron Undy (bass) and Toby Hall (percussion).

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“Cabaret of the highest order…” The West Australian

“Paul Capsis really is a king”  Australian Stage

“There is no one like Capsis….” Baz Luhrman

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