What “goes” at red and “stops” at green? Your mobile phone battery, and with it life comes to a standstill.  Alli Jasmin is looking to change this by banning the brick….just for one day.


What goes at red and stops at green?

No, not a traffic light  do you want to lose demerit points?




Nope, your phone battery.

Alli, a phone stops running when the phone battery goes red?

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See how we have already associated this analogy to the lifespan of a phone  a digital artefact without a soul, when in fact, I’m talking about our lives as human beings functioning on earth? My point is that our life begins a minute after our phone’s battery bar is red and on 2%. The moment we recharge it so as to get even a tinge of green – our life stops again.

We have been so reliant on this electronic brick to provide us with a portable screen of entertainment, a convenient way to communicate with friends, a way to pass the time in awkward situations and to ditch the Rolex watch mum bought for graduating high school because hey, who needs extra weight on your wrist when the time’s on your phone?

** Actually not serious about the last one because time on Rolex > time on cracked iPhone screen any day **

After watching the video linked below, I have come to the conclusion that we are all just the walking dead. We are all losing touch with reality and valuing stupid, tangible things at the touch of a screen without appreciating what’s right in front of us. We get out of bed, but we haven’t really awoken. We wait for everyone to receive their meal at a restaurant before eating – not out of respect, but so we can take a good #Instafoodpic.

(Okay I’m guilty of all of this…please, don’t judge me).

If we could imagine, just for a day, to wake up to an alarm clock and eat salmon on poached eggs and asparagus without needing to document it to acquire likes (because you’re that trendy brunch hipster) – have a phone battery at 0% – how much more time would we have on our hands?

Or in our hands to say the least.

I would normally say that life begins after coffee, but today I’m feeling that life begins after our phone dies.

Let’s actually go when it’s red.



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