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A journalist for thirty-six years, John Mangos has spent the past thirty-three years working in television news.

For all the political posturing and seriousness that comes with Twitter, John Mangos discovered that there are simpler ways to get your tweets noticed #foodporn.


In forty years of mainstream journalism, I have broken many stories.

Occasionally, some have evoked a response from the audience.

Similarly, since joining Twitter I have shared profundity, mourned, criticised, joked, celebrated, praised, shared secrets, corrected the apocryphal, and even broken the odd yarn via tweets.

The response is usually lukewarm. One picks up a few new followers, loses a few old followers, gets abused, gets accused of political bias, gets retweeted, gets favourited, or rarely, a thank you.

But tweet a picture of a humble home-made bowl of Asian style chicken soup and the Twitter-sphere goes ballistic…!

It was a rare, quiet, Saturday night home alone. I indulged my passion to cook with Greek music playing. The result exceeded my humble expectations, so I took a photo and tweeted.

No big deal.


Big deal.

I was inundated with tweets requesting the recipe.

By inundated, read “bombarded”!


It was merely a Thai-style chicken and noodle soup with bok choy and a few other vegetables.

Yes, of course there was a secret ingredient….

Follow me on Twitter @johnmangos if you just need to know what it is, after all, this information is far more important than breaking news.


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