We’re all sick of seeing the word everywhere online, but Alli Jasmin points out the use of “bae” mirrors satyrical comedy and literature, presenting a possible new communication tactic for awkward topics.


According to one entry in Urban Dictionary, “BAE” refers to:

A word used by degenerate Spawns of Ghetto drug addicts to describe their significant other. Since their simple mutant brains cannot comprehend proper grammar they spit this vile shit out of their disgusting meth-ravaged mouths. This is why drug addicts should be executed or they should be fixed so they do not create mutant spawn.

Degenerate: Aye, I luv my bae!

Me: You are a blight that needs to be purged, come die you disgrace to humanity.

Now, I apologise in advance if this offends anyone here who actually addresses his or her other half by this pet name, but I feel it necessary to bring up. Prior to being informed that apparently bad was actually Danish for “poop,” I was under the impression that it was an abbreviation for “before anyone else” – a corny, idealised view of how one should see and treat their boyfriend/girlfriend/rabbit/poodle, etc.

Nonetheless I feel as though the term has taken a spin and is now used to take both the piss out of its meaning (as the Urban Dictionary definition has done above) while subtly hinting or coercing couples to put themselves in their bae‘s shoes. The main intent behind this is to prevent bae from any unacceptable behaviour. Here are some of my favourite “bae” memes circulating Facebook at the moment:



bae 3

I know I’m not the only one who can relate to some of these posts, and I’m guilty for secretly tagging my girlfriends if deemed relevant. It’s also a healthy dose of comic relief amidst all the annoying/disturbing videos and statuses that inundate our newsfeed. But the one thing I have observed from this is an almost-satirical form of communication – just through a modern, subconscious use of media. The people interpolated range from either:

  1. a) The current bae
  2. b) The ex bae
  3. c) The side bae
  4. d) The non-existent bae
  5. e) The best friend bae

Depending on the post, if tagged (or in girl world, if you tag your BFFL in the hope that your bae sees it on his newsfeed so it indirectly addresses him), a number of common issues such as fidelity arise. Concealed under the hilarity of the pop-culture reference along with the shortened “way 2 talk to ur gal,” there are indeed parallels between the functions of satirical literature and the memes of everyday scenarios today.

Perhaps intended to uplift the seriousness of a typical relationship downfall, I feel as though this is a new way of communicating to others in its primary and secondary forms.

However effective it has been to alleviate problems, can we agree that laughter is still, by for the best medicine to cure anything?


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