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Jacob Lynagh is an Adelaide-based freelance journalist who closely follows the political and social issues of the Pacific region and Middle East, as well as the rise and fall of nationalist and anti-fascist movements. He is a Grateful Dead fan, writes about classic Rock whenever possible and wishes the sixties never ended.

Scott Morrison: Dismantling Australia, one ministry at a time.

Jacob Lynagh is distressed to hear that as a reward for his savage cruelty as Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison is now focusing his attention on needy Australian citizens in the Social Services portfolio.


With a mighty voice he shouted: “‘Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!’ She has become a dwelling for demons and a haunt for every impure spirit, a haunt for every unclean bird, a haunt for every unclean and detestable animal.

Revelation 18:2

Former Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has, in the Abbott government’s cabinet reshuffle, been promoted to Minister for Social Services, putting him at the helm of “mental health, families and children’s policy, and support for carers and people with disabilities, and seniors.”

As we begin to watch The Honourable Scott Morrison MP climb the political ladder like a rat scaling a garbage can, let us examine the year-and-a-bit that was for Mr Morrison, and try to get a handle on his character.

The initial criticism of Scott Morrison came in September of 2013, less than a week after he entered office. The establishment of Operation Sovereign Borders was followed by an instant disapproval in Australian media of the Minister’s tactics being clouded in darkness.

When 23 year-old asylum seeker Reza Berati was murdered on Manus Island in February of 2014, Morrison was accused, in sweeping media coverage, of “desperate cover ups” as he released false information relating to the incident.

When a second asylum seeker, Hamid Kehazaei, died as a result of the minister’s negligence in September, the coverage was scarce. It had become apparent that the written word could not exorcise the pure hatred from the minister’s soul, and they would not change his devastating policy.

Where the coverage of the time stopped short of blaming Morrison, I will not. Given this occurred under the watch of his ministerial time in the immigration portfolio, one could argue and should argue that he was indirectly responsible for the deaths of two innocent young men. Men supposedly under his care who had done nothing but attempt to flee an unstable region that our nation has aided in destabilising. They had fled sick barbarity, to be greeted on Australia’s border by Morrison’s twisted and murderous grin.

Just weeks ago, Scott Morrison earned the ultimate jewel for his black crown; the Migration and Maritime Powers Legislation Amendment. The bill gives the Immigration Minister unchecked powers when it comes to dealing with asylum seekers. The minister can now legally return asylum seekers to the countries that persecute them, detain them without charge and refuse to allow their cases to be heard.

The Migration and Maritime Powers Legislation Amendment may not have passed the Senate if it were not for Scott Morrison’s disgustingly inhuman tactics. Morrison held innocent children hostage and blackmailed the Senate to pass his spiteful bill. How is this different to the actions of criminals who do the same?

Scott Morrison promised that children detained on Christmas Island would be freed….if the Senate passed his bill. This quickly convinced the PUP senators, who did not require much convincing. Senator Ricky Muir was not that easy, and in response, Morrison tarnished his office, and the government of Australia dropped lower than ever before.

Children detained on Christmas Island received Senator Muir’s phone number, and Senator Muir received calls from children desperately begging for freedom, so the bill was passed.

If you ever need Scott Morrison, he is not hard to find. Without fail, he can be found rooting around in the muck with the rest of the swine; to such a degree that even some on the Right side of politics have that perception. However, following the reshuffle announcement, he is being heralded by many in the press as a hero – this shows our government’s commitment to families, they say.

We are reminded of Morrison’s impressive portfolio, his hard-line, “never back down” attitude – the attitude that stopped the boats. We are told that, never fear, Mr Morrison plans to devote himself to “getting people off welfare.”

When Mr Morrison devoted himself to stopping the boats, people were returned to torturous governments, children were sexually abused and traumatised, and men were killed. Now with Australia’s sick, disabled and elderly in his care, he is in prime position to step up to the big job, if he is ever needed, and so the press are desperately scrambling to find themselves on his good side.

By appointing Morrison to the Social Services portfolio, the Prime Minister has poisoned the well. He has put Australia’s most vulnerable citizens in the care of a man who, at least on all evidence to hand during his time as Immigration Minister, has a flippant disregard for human welfare. Morrison is a man described by senators, on the record, as a sociopath. His reward for such savage cruelty as immigration minister is the nation’s punishment.

Mr Morrison’s despicable actions as Immigration Minister have dismantled Australia’s international standing, and our virtuous heart.

It will be a miracle if, as Minister for Social Services, he does not dismantle Australia itself.

Or, at the very least, its communal heart and soul.

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