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Epiphany Morgan is the director of 365 docobites, an overly-ambitious project that has her travelling the world making 365 documentaries in 365 days sharing stranger’s short and shorter stories. Epiphany is an award-winning film-maker, having won best student director at the 2012 Australian Directors Guild Awards for her work on a documentary about the Kings Cross injecting room. Devoted to the arts as a form of expression, Epiphany sees creativity as a tool and as a source of knowledge, believing there’s a lot to learn from listening to people’s stories.

365 docobites: Paula in Buenos Aires
Ok, the 365 docobites crew took a break last week, but even they need a break from globe-trotting, right? Here they are in Buenos Aires with a NYE docobite about resolutions…

Buenos Aires

The Key to Happiness
The annual tradition of reflecting on one’s life is here, it’s New Years and resolutions are coming out the wazoo.
Quitting smoking and losing weight tends to be at the top of many people’s lists, but in today’s docobite, Paula talks about the resolution she made that had her change her priorities, her profession and her lifestyle.
For most of her adult life, Paula worked in a publicity agency until she grew “very tired of that kind of living.”
She felt that she spent too much of her time valuing material things and found herself consistently consumed by superficial dilemmas. “I wanted to change and get more connected with myself, my body and other people, so I decided to become a yoga teacher.”
Obviously, Paula flipped her life on itself and created a whole new chapter of living…hell, a whole new book! I admire acts like this greatly, acts that are filled with such monumental commitment to creating positive change. Paula, annoyed by her own complacency, took action and changed her entire environment, her day to day purpose, to create a better outcome for herself.
In making this change, Paula also found a way to look after others. “Many people think that doing yoga is just about making beautiful postures, but being in yoga is about being respectful of other people and caring for them,” she explained.
In this time of inner reflection, why not think about how your personal resolutions could also affect the lives of others? We don’t all need to go out and quit our jobs to make such a significant change, but taking Paula’s lead and really committing to your change may be something to consider. Looking at our lives with greater perspective, thinking outside of our self-created boxes to consider what could make our individual existence better, while also looking at how we can help those around us, isn’t all that hard. Even if our resolutions don’t stick, attempting them really only perpetuates positive change, goodness and hope. It’s hard to say no to that.

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The 365 docobites team, Epiphany and Carl, are travelling across five continents for an entire year to introduce the 365 docobites community to a “stranger a day” via a vlog of short and shorter documentaries.

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