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TBS Likes is a strange place where anything goes. Like International Waters, or Christmas morning after the shine has worn off and the booze has kicked in. May the ugliness commence.

OK, you’ve had a chance to sleep off the hangovers, and so have TBS writers, staff and friends as they fess up their NYE resolutions for the year ahead…


Paul Capsis NYE resolutions…


NY Resolution? Hmmmm haven’t even thought about that one. Try and do some more physical work. Take charge of my own destiny. Take action, organise meetings with people and keep the word out there about our evil current government and why we must never give up. Hope thats a bit of a resolution or revolution.


Sarah Carman NYE resolutions…

NYE Resolutions Sarah Carman

My NYE resolution is to cut out wheat and dairy so that I can feel better about myself and have something to talk about. As an added benefit, the resolution might introduce dietary deficiencies that could be used to attract attention/sympathy from others at a later date. I’m all about thinking long-term. (make sure you read Sarah’s piece on debunking the Detox diet!)


John Mangos NYE resolutions…


I will avoid acronyms and stop using LOL.
I will not make that a resolution.
LOL, that’s funny for someone who never makes resolutions.


Mike Welsh NYE resolutions…

NYE Resolutions Mike Welsh

1. To have the all-girl band The McClymonts record a 12 dance mix of my crossover punk/country/feminist anthem “there ain’t enough 4-ply in this ole world to wipe your skidmarks from my heart.”

2. To publish my 750-word manuscript “FIFTIES SHADES OF RAY”, the tale of a homeless and broken radio shock-jock forced to sell recycled sunglasses at Sunday markets to make ends meet.

 3. With the proceeds from the above groundbreaking and edgy projects I would purchase a mostly nasty social networking site and wipe the self-satisfied smile off its goofy face.

4. OH, and to have PB publish a bit on Ray Hadley…(Ed’s note…alright, already, we will get there…promise…kinda sorta…)

Alexandra Tselios NYE Resolutions…

NYE Resolutions AT

My resolution: I think New Years Resolutions are useless – every day of the year you choose/get to do it better.


Prue MacSween NYE Resolutions…


My resolution is to stay away from negative people this year. 2015 is my year of positive energy!


Yalei Wang NYE Resolution…

NYE Resolutions YW

My New Years resolution is to get up by eight and to go to bed before ten every single day.


Paris Portingale NYE Resolutions…

NYE Resolutions PP

My Proposed New Year’s Eve Resolutions:

I’m going to stop getting drunk and hitting on my sister’s friends. I’ll still be getting drunk but, I won’t be hitting on anybody.

Apologise to all the people who, over the past year, I’ve verbally abused and/or thrown up on while drunk. I at least owe them that, poor bastards. I’m sure half of them didn’t deserve it.

Try to be less of a cock-wad, particularly when drunk. I don’t know, I have a couple of drinks and I seem to turn into a cock wad. Well I’m going to try not to do that next year.

Try to be nice to my wife’s sister. I don’t know if that’s even possible, but I’m going to try.

Give back the guy down the street’s lawn mower and probably all his power tools as well.

Give ten bucks to some charity. Maybe donate to two charities, give them five bucks each.


Charles Waterstreet NYE Resolutions…


To talk less and speak more.

Laurie Atlas NYE Resolutions…


My New Years resolution is to spend more time giving plasma. My wife needs it for her health. I also want to find a way to get smarter. I’m going through a phase in life where I think I’m not smart enough. It’s a new version of mid-life crisis.


Xavier Toby NYE Resolutions…

NYE Resolutions Toby

In 2015 I resolve to start smoking, injecting heroin, eating junk food and doing no exercise, so when 2016 comes around I can make some decent resolutions. One thing I can resolve to do for this year is to stop missing deadlines, for me they’ve become more like guidelines, and that’s not cool. Also, I plan to sit back and watch with glee and joy as the Liberal government self-destructs. Best Xmas present ever!

Alex Greenwich NYE Resolution…


My 2015 New Year’s resolution is to ramp up the campaign for an inner-city high school, continue to push the State and Federal government to take action on climate change, and work towards achieving marriage equality in 2015.

On a personal note, my resolution would be to make sure I spend quality time with my husband, in what will be a busy and intense election year.

William Lazootin NYE Resolutions….


I decided that my resolution is to never make another NYE resolution again. I choose to live my life with a natural spontaneity. The only golden rule is there are no rules.


Maria Tedeschi NYE Resolutions…


Read more, write more (hello TBS) and help my 9 year old son with his quest to help the homeless in Sydney.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied NYE Resolutions…

NYE Resolutions Yassmin

If I had a dollar for every New Year’s resolution I didn’t really follow up after Jan, I would have at least enough for a nice dinner in Perth…

In all seriousness though, 2015 will see me turning 24 (rapidly approaching mid-twenties and meaning my metabolism slows down to the screeching halt is has been threatening all 2014), consolidating cooking skills (becoming an adult is a theme here) and hopefully figuring life out.
I reckon I’ve got at least one of those resolutions in the bag…


Lachlan R Dale NYE Resolution…

NYE Resolutions LDALE

Next year I will attempt to reconcile the tension between ego-lessness and assertiveness.I aspire to be calm, meditative, and free of judgement; detached yet open in the true sense of Zen. When I can adopt this perspective I am filled with deep contentment.In opposition to this aim, however, lies my professional life, which has increasingly encouraged me to be more self-confident and commanding.This is an interesting clash of aspirations – one philosophic, the other professional. Can they be brought into balance with one another? Or will some aspect of my life have to give?

Franca Arena NYE Resolution…


My New Year’s resolution is to ensure that the idea of an Australian Republic is kept alive and well. It is time for us to stand on our own and have our Head of State. 2015 might be the right year!!!


It is hard to improve on perfection, but my New Year’s resolution is to learn a new language! Preferably German. Also intend going on a diet but I imagine that will only last 3 months.


Rabbi Mendel Kastel NYE Resolutions…


My resolution is to connect more with people and work with people to help other people to achieve more for humanity. There are so many good people who want to do good so working with them training them and giving them skills and opportunity to help others. This past year has taught us of the incredible goodwill that’s out there – we as leaders need to harness and engage with it to grow it and recognise it properly.



My resolution is about connections. My partner and my kids are starting unplugged Saturdays. No phone, no iPads, no laptops. It is going to be our day to spend time together as a family. (This NYE resolution is publisher Alexandra’s idea of hell).

Bronte O’Brien NYE Resolution…


To ensure that I actually fulfil my resolution this year, I’ve opted for something realistic and achievable by choosing not to have one. #aimforthestars #2015hereicome


Marcus Paul NYE Resolution…


My New Year’s resolution is simply to spend more time with my boys, and to try and grow the audience of my show!


Josh Shipton NYE Resolution…


To stay away from young women, drugs and music made after the 1950s, because that seems like fun.


Kate Anderson NYE Resolution…


Last year I set the foundations for my dream life, this year I want to focus on expansion and diversification to keep it sustainable.


Graham Charles Kent NYE Resolution…


Make albums with my bands, get my back tattoo finished, try to meditate rather than thinking about meditating, start a business with my mate, take up kickboxing andspend more time with the people I love.


Melise Williams NYE Resolution…


Just to live in the moment and do what makes me happy.


James Walsh NYE Resolution…

James Walsh

Perfect my apple pie cider recipe.


Blake Sutherland NYE Resolution…


I feel it’s kind of unhealthy to start a year with the idea of needing to fix something about your life that you probably have no control over or know you will only let yourself down, so this year I really just want to not question anything about myself or my life and just hope that I learn to accept what comes. I also want abs and a six figure bank balance.


PB  NYE Resolutions…

NYE Resolutions PB

To choose my battles more carefully, stop sweating the small stuff and just do MORE of everything because there are actually 24 hours in a day (and night, if you want to get all technical on me) and WTF is sleep anyway…?

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