Congratulating Luke Foley on his unopposed election as NSW Labor leader, Independent MP for Sydney Alex Greenwich urges him to evolve on marriage equality and maintain Labor’s support for anti-discrimination legislation. 


Today, Luke Foley has been elected unopposed as Leader of the Labor opposition in NSW.

Mr Foley’s opposition to a NSW Same-Sex Marriage Bill prevented the legislation from passing the NSW Upper House late last year, so many will be confused and disappointed that NSW is the only State with a Labor leader who opposes marriage equality.

NSW has more same-sex couples than any other State and those citizens deserve leaders who believe in their equality.

I hope to give both Mr Foley and Premier Baird the opportunity to evolve on the issue in the next parliament and reflect the views of a majority of NSW voters. Fortunately, NSW Labor maintains a number of strong supporters of marriage equality, with Penny Sharpe at the top of that list.

I also hope that NSW Labor will maintain their support of his legislation to remove exemptions that allow LGBTI students to be discriminated against at private schools.

In the next parliament I will reintroduce legislation to remove exemptions that allow discrimination against the LGBTI community, and I hope Labor’s support does not change under Foley’s leadership.

Eds’ note: Alex has written extensively for The Big Smoke on a variety of subjects. Alex is a staunch advocate of LGBTI issues, and in 2014 contributed on several occasions, commenting after Ian Thorpe revealed his sexuality and also writing for TBS to celebrate the achievements and progress around AIDS research on World AIDS Day.

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