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Paul McCartney – the next big thing? No, Gen Z, he isn’t.

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Nathan Dee’s shaking his head in disbelief over what the kids of today are saying about Paul McCartney on Twitter… #what’sbecomeoftheworld


The past few days I have been wandering around shaking my head in disbelief.

Paul McCartney and Kanye West have teamed up to collaborate of a few tracks for Kanye West’s new album. It’s the reaction of Kanye West’s fans as they take to Twitter that’s got my head shaking.


paul mc cartney


I’ve always been one to give the kids of today the benefit of the doubt. It must be hard growing up in a time where mass media, reality TV, terrorism and the likes of Kim Kardashian are constantly being stuffed into every hole in your head. From one standpoint, it could possibly be even seen as a subtle form of sensory assault.

So, bearing this in mind, I’ve never been too quick to simply just fob them off as a generation of idiots.

However, it also shouldn’t be my job, or others who share my views on the kids of today, to act as their moral guardians, though it is rather sad that the world has changed so drastically in the past 14 years or so that the previous generation (mine) has had to take on somewhat of a carer’s role with today’s lot.

To put it simply, technology has made the kids of today dumb. They don’t have to use their brains for anything any more. They have very limited vocabularies, abbreviate everything and if it’s “old”, it’s “shit”. It’s sad to say, but the world is drastically heading towards becoming the world Beavis & Butthead creator Mike Judge depicted in the satirical sci-fi comedy Idiocracy.

To think we’re now living in a time where a portion of these kids don’t know who people like Paul McCartney and The Beatles are is scary.

The Beatles were the cornerstone when the world stopped living in black and white, and suddenly, #poof#, became Technicolor. I’ve been told that I’m overreacting and that Paul McCartney was last truly relevant 40 years ago, but I’m not.

See, kids are taught about the Beatles in school. I know I was, and talking to some kids around my way, they still are. Yesterday I took to the streets of Marrickville, which is heavily populated by Vietnamese, and I walked up to the most Vietnamese looking couple I could and posed the question, “Do you know who Paul McCartney is?” After a minute, once we found our linguistic bearings, the guy looks at me and says “Beatle!” He had no idea who Kurt Cobain or Nirvana were. Had never heard of Freddie Mercury or Queen. Justin Bieber? No chance. Even Beyonce was met with a vacant stare.

And Kanye West – he pointed to the west (no shit – it was awesome).

But Paul McCartney – no worries.

If someone who has lived in a cultural bubble, as this gentleman has, still knew who Paul is, then we are in serious trouble. It may seem like a minor thing now, but very soon there will be a generation of adults roaming the earth who will have no idea about the world that came before them, and if we lose our histories, we lose our identities.

Nathan Dee

Nathan Dee is a published lyricist and songwriter. He hoards guitars and devours every crate of records he sees. He has a very strong punk rock ethos, though is also a lover of all things pop. Closet Bay City Rollers fan.

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  1. Luis Peres said:

    Idiocracy is fast becoming one of the most important science fiction movies ever created. Give it two decades or so and it will be more relevant than 2001 and much more accurate for sure, unfortunely.
    The future is here already and it does not look like Kubrik´s but Beavis and Butthead.

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