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McDonalds: Don’t shoot the fast food messenger (well, deliverer)


With it even easier to order a #cheekycheese thanks to McDonalds expanding its home delivery network, Tom Caru isn’t convinced it will have that much of an effect on Australia’s burgeoning obesity problem.


McDonalds is now delivering to over 50 Sydney suburbs after expanding its “McDelivery” capable stores from one to seven in the past year alone.

Everyone with a disposable income and a residential address would be doing a “happy dance” if it wasn’t so much effort.

There are three possible ways you might respond to this newsflash about McDonalds — you’re either pissed off that McDelivery doesn’t exist in Melbourne; concerned that this new development could be detrimental to health; or hastily reaching for the phone to order yourself a cheeseburger (with bacon).

Of course, anti-obesity groups (I always felt that was a strange term —”anti-obesity” — as if there were “pro-obesity” groups out their lobbying for wider seats on airplanes, more super-sized meals and government-subsidised electric wheel chairs for anyone who identifies themselves as obese #flawedlogic) are heralding the news as another nail in double XL coffins nationwide.

McDonalds and fast food more generally did not cause Australia’s obesity problem, but it certainly hasn’t helped it either. One might argue that up until very recently it has been standing on the side lines and cheering (this analogy makes more sense if you imagine an eating contest rather than any kind of athletic competition).

Fast food has always been dangerous for your waistline because it’s easy. Fast food that delivers just makes it even easier. But the pizza chains have been doing it for years and we’re all still breathing…well wheezing at the very least.

Our relationship with the things we put in our mouths, whether hamburgers, pizza slices or straight-up cigars is a complex one. It would be unfair to point the finger at any one aspect of the modern world and cast the entirety of the blame.

Personally, I just hope that the majority of people calling on Ronald to run to their doorstep are either drunk or high or both — people in no physical state to be attempting the fabled “Macca’s run”.

(Who knows – McDelivery might just save lives?!)

Let’s hope it’s the take up of McDelivery is not from uninformed or irresponsible parents who are too lazy or too disorganised or, sadly, too  impoverished to put healthier food on the dinner table for their children.

After all, the only people who love a cheeseburger more than drunk adults or teenagers with the munchies are innocent children; they may not experience any guilt over their indulgence the next day but they have a lot more to lose than the last bit of cash in their parents wallets. 

Tom Caru

Tom is a writer, healthy lifestyle enthusiast and a stark raving mad Batfleck fan. Coffee lover, traveller and creator of the *Around the World in 80 Gyms*® project. He currently resides in Michigan, eternally searching for better coffee and learning to drive on the other side of the road.

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