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Charlie Hebdo march in Paris: Through the eyes of the photographer

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In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo killings, photographer and regular TBS contributor Juliette Furio sends us some images from Paris of the march for peace on Sunday 11th January.


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Sometimes, actually oft-times, pictures tell a story so much better than words, something photographer Juliette Furio  can attest to as she joined the massive march over the Charlie Hebdo and kosher grocery store killings in Paris on Sunday 11th January 2015.

Currently travelling through Europe, Juliette joined the peaceful march and was moved by what she saw.

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Turning to her favoured medium, the visual, Juliette captured the following images as a means of allowing TBS readers into the enormity of support that was offered by the marchers for peace to honour those who perished both at Charlie Hebdo and in the kosher store siege.

In Juliette’s own words:

I am pro the #JeSuisCharlie movement as an act of solidarity in the face of fear, as well as a stance for the freedom of speech and freedom itself.


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TBS thanks Juliette for sharing these moments with us.

Juliette Furio

Juliette is an artist and writer, based somewhere between Sydney and Byron Bay. A young disciple of the old school, she hammers and chisels her way through large blocks of stone and hopes to one day own a functioning typewriter. You can check-out her art and daily musings on reality on (one of) her blog(s).

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