First dates, we’ve all had them, but have you had one and not known you were on it? Nicole Kidman throws Jimmy Fallon with the revelation they did…kinda sorta…


Ok, so we’ve all had awkward first dates, right?

I remember the first time I dated someone  it was Gina Bellucini in Grade 5 at the Catholic primary school I attended (yeah go figure, I was brought up a Catholic – who woulda thunk it?).

Everyone else had girlfriends and to be part of the cool crew I obviously had to have one too, so I did the right thing and asked Gina “to go with me”  not sure where to, just to “go”.

The place we ended up going to was the church attached to my school, where luckily she said yes to my proposal and we stole our first kiss…secreted in one of the pews.

Given I’m still here to tell the tale, the old Almighty above obviously didn’t take umbrage to us “consummating” our new-found love via a cheeky kiss in a place of worship.

I also gave Gina an $8 ring with a bluebird on it in the same location a few days later  $8 was a lot of cash for a kid back then, but it had to be done. I think I got another kiss out of it, we may have even tried to French kiss, but I can’t remember…nicole kidman

We broke up a few weeks later…she kept the ring.

At least we had a few weeks of…”love”.

Not so Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon…if you haven’t seen this revelation about the “first date that wasn’t a date”, although it’s nine minutes long, you GOTTA watch it…

Imagine a world of “sliding doors” in which Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon had hooked up?

And married?!

Tom would have missed out  the tabloids would have hated it and missed out on a lot of juicy goss  or would Cruise have stolen her “Far and Away” from Fallon?

And Keith would have missed out too, but then again Mr “All-Round-Lovable-Nice-Guy” Urban may have crooned our Nikky one of his tunes and stolen her away…something like this maybe…?

Of course, we will never know…

Tell us about your first date below…

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