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Journalist and Presenter of Canberra Live on 2CC. Marcus has 23 years experience in the media, working for a number of radio stations as a reporter, newsreader and announcer. Having dipped his toe into television, it was decided that this'face made for radio' stick to the excitement of radio news and current affairs. In his spare time Marcus tries to keep up with his 12 and 14 year old son's. He also gives his time to adolescent mental health group Menslink, and supports many charities and causes including The Daniel Morecombe Foundation and Lifeline.

Straya: An anthem for the fair dinkum, true blue (and a bit bogan) “Lucky Country”

Marcus Paul loves his beautiful country “Straya” and has found a music video that perfectly encapsulates his feelings.


OK, time for an admission – when it comes to loving my beautiful country, “Straya“, I’m more than happy to get my “bogan” on.

I mean, I do love football, meat pies and (even though we no longer make them here) Holden cars.

If given the chance I’d camp out in the old Bay 13 at the SCG all summer, just to scream out to a chorus of “Come on Aussie come on”. I love the look of Sydney Harbour on Australia Day, when the ferries race to Manly. I reckon Southbank in Brisbane is a great place to take my kids for a swim, and The Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne is a simply magnificent place to sing Christmas Carols!

We live in the best country in the world. A nation rich with natural beauty and a healthy appetite to knock those who get a bit full of themselves down a peg or two.

Yes, we are currently challenged by the scourge of terrorism, and given the atrocity of Martin Place, it is true to some extent we now live in “new times”.

Some even argue our treasured and hard fought for freedoms are under threat.

So, for this reason alone … I want you to enjoy this music clip, and share it far and wide. It reminds me of where we come from, and sums up just what it is for the lucky 22 million of us who will ALWAYS proudly call Australia home!

Lyrics are below if you want to sing along:

My country don’t share no borders

‘Cos of all the waters that surround our land

Thank god for our resources

‘Cos they are the sources of our wealthy land

Don’t try to find the capital

Or fight the animals

You’re on your own

Just drive from town to paradise

And you’ll see why we call Australia home





You think you’ve got it

Oh you think you’ve got it

But have you got a rock where there is nothing at all

We get together

Oh we get together

The weather’s always better when there’s cricket involved

And we believe that mateship is forever

We’re all mates, we’re all mates, we’re all mates

We’re all mates, we’re all mates

And we’re multicultural

So why ya why ya

Why ya why ya why ya

Not living in Australia when you know we are so happy here





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