As an accompaniment to our bi-monthly TBS Travelogue piece, Paris Portingale talks up Switzerland and why it is his favourite country after Disneyland…yes, Disneyland…




Switzerland is my most favourite country after Disneyland.

Ah, Switzerland, with its high-up snowy alpine peaks and quaint funiculars from bygone ages of long ago past.

Switzerland, home-country to tall tales of a boy with fruit on his head, and his crossbow-hero father, William Tell, named after the famous overture by Gioacchino Rossini, an Italian composer who often holidayed in Switzerland, and coined the phrase, “Hi ho Silver, away.”

Switzerland, where houses are built of chocolate, and clocks are so abundant everyone has at least twenty of them. A land of numbered accounts, and the destination of choice for anyone escaping Nazis. A country untouched by war for a thousand years, and favourite route for anyone crossing the Alps with elephants. A postcard picture of gaily decorated snowploughs, yodelling milkmaids, and bands consisting solely of alpenhorn players in national dress.

Switzerland, birthplace of neutrality and champion of the right not to be involved.

After Disneyland, you are most favourite country ever.

Also your cheese.

Swiss cheese.

And your famous revolving cable cars.


FUN FACT: Rumour has it that Walt Disney wanted an exact replica of the Matterhorn in Disneyland after he visited Switzerland to visit the set of Third Man on the Mountain.

So maybe Paris is onto something here…?


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