Brandon Biddle says transprejudice isn’t pretty, so why are we all so keen to laugh at Bruce Jenner’s badly photoshopped “exclusive pictures”?


It has been some time since I’ve taken time to flick through a celebrity gossip magazine.

Perhaps it is more to do with the fact that, having studied design, it is somewhat frustrating to see that somehow there are people who are employed whose work look as if they’ve opened their Adobe programs and pissed right onto the keyboard. It really isn’t difficult to ensure that the subject of your photoshopping has the same number of limbs before and after you’ve tampered with their image, before it goes to print. It honestly would be no surprise to me if it were to surface that they lay out their pages in PowerPoint.

That aside, one particular cover caught my eye for all the wrong reasons. Not only was the look of it enough for me to roll my eyes back into my head, the message that screamed from the page left me ashamed of where we are socially that something like this would even be publicly executed.

“BRUCE’S STORY – MY LIFE AS A WOMAN” is what you’ll find on a current issue of the American In Touch Magazine. I’m perhaps not the most in touch with current celebrity culture, but the topic of Bruce Jenner and the circulating gossip and snaps that have been taken of painted fingernails and the like have definitely caught my attention. Why? Simply because it astounds me the lengths that some humans will go in order to make money. They take no prisoners in their pursuit for the exclusive, even if it means spreading untruths, as was done in this instance. Not only has Jenner not come forth personally stating any plans to transition or even being transgender, the picture is a total fabrication! Totally photoshopped, with Bruce’s face being manipulated over the image of actress Stephanie Beacham’s body.

Not to make light of the situation, but surely if this were the case and Bruce Jenner was intending to transition, as a parent of Kylie and Kendall, one would expect there to be some undeniably strong brow game! Not the ice addict, over-plucked and obviously brush tooled pair that some fool has slapped over Jenner’s forehead.

Seriously though, are we still doing this? After the countless suicides, the screams for help, are we after everything still so amused by those that fall outside the black and white, of the “boy” and “girl” boxes? Like schoolyard bullies giggling to ourselves after pushing someone in the mud? Don’t forget that those boxes, like everything else in our reality, are constructed. They do not exist to anyone but those who subscribe to them. They are simply the narrow-minded thinking from yesteryear that manages to come back and remind us of our idiotic beginnings.

So, having celebrated growing acceptance in 2014, with the stunning Laverne Cox on the cover of Time Magazine, the petitioning for the flawless Carmen Carrera to walk for Victoria’s Secret and seeing the public’s support on so many more meaningful discussions surrounding both MTF, FTM and everything else under the trans umbrella, why take such a step back? What kind of message does this behaviour send to young people who are maybe trying to understand their own identity, to watch as we continue to string these innocent people up like examples and treat them like less that human?

Behaviour that is almost like a modern day witch-hunt and public burning?

If Bruce Jenner is in fact transgender and decides to come out to the public, that is when people should be sure, not that it is our business in any way, shape or form. This constant mocking needs to stop, not just because it is unfair, but because it is the same fuel behind the fire that convinced people like Leelah Alcorn, a 17-year-old girl who recently took her life and left a public suicide note on her Tumblr detailing the struggle that is felt by so many.

Please, stop before we have more blood on our hands. It is cruel. It is primitive. Transprejudice isn’t cute. So, kindly stop!

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