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State of the Union: “Big block of cheese day” is back in “The West Wing”

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Following US President Barack Obama “State of the Union” address, Editor Paul Bugeja is more interested in “Big Block of Cheese Day” – yes, it’s a real thing…like seriously…or not so…


For those not across US politics, every year there’s a whole lotta hullabaloo over the “State of the Union” address given by the President.

Last year, as a follow up to the State of the Union, the White House held the first “Big Block of Cheese Day” – the chance for anyone across the country to ask senior White House officials questions via the internet.

Big Block of Cheese Day?

Yup, you read right.

It was not the first, because it was held annually by the Bartlet Administration.

I see you scratching your heads…Bartlet? Who the hell was he?

Others who were, like me, addicted to a certain US TV series will know this reference is to Jed Bartlet, the US President played for seven seasons by Martin Sheen in the killer series The West Wing.

A few days ago, it looks like life and art merged to bring us this…

It made me wonder – if Australian pollies had the guts to do the same thing, what would we call it?

Big Jar of Vegemite Day?

Hot Sizzling Snag Day?

Throw another Pollie on the BBQ Day?

Feel free to make your own suggestions below…


Bugeja (PB)

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