Rosie Batty is a shining example of what is good about Australians, and a worthy winner of Australian of the Year. TBS congratulates her and all she stands for…


The news on Australia Day eve that Rosie Batty had been made Australian of the Year would have caused a satisfied smile to form on the faces of most Australians (even if there was a little confusion over it actually being Kylie Minogue – no, she was crowned “Australian of the Year…in the UK” – still a nice one for KM, but not quite the same…)

For those who may not know Rosie Batty, she is the mother of Luke Batty…or rather was, as Luke was sadly killed by his own father in what has become a high-profile family violence case huge enough to see Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews instigate a Family Violence Royal Commission for which there will be “no limits”.

(The Four Corners coverage of Rosie Batty and her story is worth watching if you haven’t seen it.)

Such a Royal Commission is long overdue, many would argue, and when you look at the statistics around family/domestic violence, it’s beyond surprising that such a Commission has not yet occurred…and that it took the death of Luke Batty, and so much pain and suffering to millions of others caught up in family violence situations over many years , for action to be taken.

TBS applauds the tireless work of Rosie Batty in her crusade to try and bring about real change so that no other parent loses their child in such a way and also the Australian of the Year committee for recognising the importance of lauding a single mother’s effort to try in some way find meaning for the loss of her much-loved son.


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