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Rainer the Cabbie

About Rainer the Cabbie

Rainer is a Sydney-based old-time cabbie. Although he adores the general public, he much prefers listening to smooth jazz than being engaged in conversation. His ears are secretly in love with Julia Lester of ABC Classic FM.

As he ponders the potential for a leadership spill, Rainer the Cabbie has a simple message for the PM – “Goodbye Tony, don’t forget to take your cronies with you.”


That is what I am hoping for anyway.

A leadership spill, at least of a sitting PM, is not the Liberal way (so the party machine tells us), that’s what Labor does. Still, it looks like that is exactly what they will have to do sooner rather than later, or bite the dust on a State and Federal level.

Saturday’s Queensland election result was not expected by even the most pessimistic Liberal politicians or their Murdoch mouthpieces. Sure, there would be a few seats lost, the Premier did play hardball for the time he resided in office and might lose his own seat, but with the enormous majority the LNP had in the Queensland parliament they would certainly be returned to office.

Not so, said conservative Queensland by delivering the result that has shocked every right winger in the country. They relayed a message to Canberra – get rid of PM Tony Abbott and his front bench selection or face defeat in the 2016 election. This was not some “Left vs. Right” battle, this was the will of the people of Queensland who spoke for many Australians.

Have a look at Kate Jones, the member for Ashgrove who unseated Campbell Newman, and her victory speech. This is not just for the people of her seat, it also a message that resonates with most Australians who are hurting when they reflect on the first year of Federal Liberal leadership.

This is the Titanic that is our current political leadership…

Captain Tony is at the helm, with First Officer “Smokin’ Joe Hockey” poring over the charts while he chugs on a fat ole cigar and steers the ship totally off course. Below decks is First Mate George Brandis (the man that reckons icebergs have a right to exist) and Staff Officer Scott Morrison deciding who is hired as crew and who is walking the plank for misbehaviour. They have turned into the barnacles the LNP will have to scrape off.

Not even the Ship Chaplain, Dame Bronwyn Bishop, will be able to save their lost souls.

The people have spoken. Most are honest and hardworking citizens who voted for Tony Abbott out of desperation, as the disastrous Labor government needed to be sent a clear message: get your act together or be annihilated. Many of them were deceived by promises that a Liberal government under Abbott would be a good thing for their country and families. Little did they know what was coming – a government that totally immersed itself in ideology, a wrecker of the broad economy for the sake of looking after some business cronies and so toxic in its pursuit of the Aussie version of Tea Party politics that it had no problems trying to divide the community to reach its bent objectives.

“It’s Time, Tony”. Time for that leadership spill. So take your hat and leave.

To whoever will replace him, please make sure that his crew will go as well. The once good ship, now not so, “SS Our Nation” is headed for some rough weather, and for all of us to survive this journey we need a Captain who has all our souls in mind, not just a few well-heeled insurers who will cash in no matter what happens.

This one is for you Tony, as February will make you shiver, with every paper they deliver…


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