A word from Editor Paul Bugeja about sport, The Big Smoke and some regular columns you will start seeing on TBS in 2015 and beyond.


As many of our regular readers will be aware, The Big Smoke has published pieces on just about every topic imaginable. Some topics prevail  issues of the day such as racism, terrorism, social media, asylum seekers, climate change and just about anything the current government under Tony Abbott does…as opposed to the next government under…well…who really knows, given all the current hot air seeping out of Coalition MPs about the lack of, or potential for a #libspill, depending on who has the media’s attention in that millisecond…

There is one thing that we have not covered so much…sport. This omission has been an editorial choice  a decision was made very early on for a variety of reasons that sport was not something we were going to actively pursue with our coverage.

Not that we were shying away from it either as we have occasionally posted pieces with sporting themes, such as Tom Taylor’s piece on Tackling homophobia in sport, Nicholas Hartman’s piece where he wishes Rugby would go away and die, Ash Imani on there being more to the Asian Cup than meets the eye or just this week Tom Caru’s take on #cagefighting.

In 2015, we have decided to implement a weekly sports feature on Fridays, rotating through a series of regular TBS writers who love writing about sport, and a weekly sports column each Saturday written exclusively by Jack Howe.

Before you non-sport heads groan at the thought of sport coverage, this is not going to be some dry analysis of why The BlahdeyBlahs beat the DoodeyDahs in the game with the round ball that is like watching paint dry. No. Our writers are more likely to follow the Hunter S. Thompson/Martin Flanagan school of sports writing, with their own particular styles giving voice to issues surrounding sport.

So, give it a go…have a read…feel free to offer feedback because it’s something new on TBS…but most of all enjoy!

This year will also see a new bi-monthly piece every other Friday by Xavier Toby on “The most Australian thing to happen this week (imho)” (we’ve already had the first piece, “Check your freedom of speech at the door thanks champ“), the resumption of regular travel pieces each Saturday (TBS Travelogue, Top 5 destinations and our beloved Paris and places he likes…or doesn’t…or whatever…it’s Paris, so expect the unexpected) and also book reviews twice a month.

And I would encourage any of you who have interesting travel stories or who have a yearning to write book reviews to send them through as we’re always on the lookout – check out our WRITE FOR US page for more information.

We would also love feedback from you about how TBS is going and what you’d like to see more of  what we aren’t covering enough, regular columns you would like to see, writers who you love and want to hear more from etc…

Email me direct – editor@thebigsmoke.com.au – or feel free to post comments below or on our Facebook page.

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