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Smoke Signal: Gig Buddies launches in Sydney

We love the new initiative, Gig Buddies, being launched by Councillor Jenny Green, as it pairs up those with disabilities with carers to get them to gigs around Sydney #TBSLikes


Councillor Jenny Green will be officially launching Gig Buddies in Sydney on Friday evening at the NSW Roundhouse.

Green is excited about the new initiative.

“This is an excellent initiative that provides an opportunity for people living with disabilities to access live performances. I’m pleased with the city’s quick response to the Assisted Community Living (ACL) proposal to develop a pilot Sydney version of the Stay Up Late UK Initiative. The City’s Live Music and Action Plan is delivering to those who have been excluded from live music for too long.”

ACL have not wasted any time in launching this great program, which pairs people with a learning disability with a buddy who will attend at least one gig a month with them. It means that people whose carers typically finish around 9pm can go to events they would otherwise miss out on.

Gig Buddies already has 50 potential customers and 15 volunteers – and this is before this official launch!

Free membership will be offered, and volunteers will also be able to apply to be part of the service through the Gig Buddies Sydney website.

TBS applauds this initiative and encourages our readers to get behind it!

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