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#QuestionsForMen – And now some for women…

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Jacob Lynagh puts forth some potentially divisive and controversial #QuestionsForWomen in response to Clementine Ford’s #QuestionsForMen.


Daily Life columnist Clementine Ford took to Twitter this week to ask men questions about the trials they experience in life, in comparison to the daily troubles faced by Australian women.

The hashtag #QuestionsForMen spread internationally, and became a rallying call for exposing the plethora of hardships women face in developed nations.

The #QuestionsForMen were directed toward men because of the assumption that most hardships for women are because of men.

It is a shame that from the outset #QuestionsForMen was about “us vs them” and placing blame, because all it achieved was aiding in diminishing what men actually go through.

So in response to Clementine Ford and Daily Life, I have some #QuestionsForWomen:


Human rights shouldn’t be an issue that pits humans against each other, but unfortunately that is what works for feminism. We all face hardships in life because life is hard, but why do we insist on blaming entire sections of the population for our problems?

When we get into the difficulties we have in the west; like having our feelings hurt, and being asked uncomfortable questions, we tend to forget the difficulties people face in less fortunate nations; like being threatened for going to school, and being burned alive.

I’m not saying people have no right to be upset about issues they face, by all means go ahead, but when you have an international audience, isn’t it a shame not to put things into perspective?

Isn’t it a shame to place blame on nearly half of the population?

I implore all of you to read the references cited in this article; they might just shine a little light through the fog.

Hopefully then we can begin to come together as a people, instead of letting experts turn us into ideological cannon fodder.


Jacob Lynagh

Jacob Lynagh is an Adelaide-based freelance journalist who closely follows the political and social issues of the Pacific region and Middle East, as well as the rise and fall of nationalist and anti-fascist movements. He is a Grateful Dead fan, writes about classic Rock whenever possible and wishes the sixties never ended.

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  3. Chani J.R said:

    Thank you so much for writing this. It’s good to see some compassion put back into this issue

  4. THX1138 said:

    Really Natalie?
    The government, aka The Patriarchy, spends billions on women. Government departments for women only, women only NGOs, Government spending on women is approx ten times that spent on men, affirmative action programs for women. Hell, now the government is spending more on shelters for the pets of battered women than they spend on battered men.
    Zero government departments for men.
    Women can have women only social groups and clubs. men cannot – they’re all deemed sexist.
    Women can have ‘safe spaces’. Men cannot. They’re not allowed.
    Men are 80% of homeless, yet we only hear about programs to keep homeless women off the streets.
    Men are 80% of suicides, yet we only hear about how it affects women.
    men are 93% of workplace fatalities, yet we only hear about how dangerous the workplace is for the poor wymmn
    And you want to pretend your offended? Of course you do. Being offended and pretending that everything victimizes you is how feminism works. Feminism has turned victimhood into a multi-billion dollar empire.
    So spare us the attempts at shaming and wake up and check your female privilege.

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  6. Jacob Lynagh said:

    Thanks, I really appreciate your candor. I think Inconsiderate Axioms was being sarcastic though haha.

    Keep up the good work, I wholeheartedly support anyone who fights for human rights with a clear head.

  7. Inconsiderate Axioms said:

    I know in these days of feminism it can be hard to distinguish between sarcasm and the real nutty ramblings of man hating sea hags, but Natalie I implore you to re-read what I wrote.

    Poe’s law.

  8. Natalie said:

    As a woman your ignorance on what sexism is actually offends me deeply

  9. Natalie said:

    Jacob I want to apologize on behalf of woman like Grace and Inconsiderate Axioms. They are the reason why the feminist movement fails women today. Thank you for your article and for trying to have your say, I don’t agree with you but I won’t belittle your article like these angry women who seem so threatened by anyway with a different POV

  10. Grace said:

    Your arrogance is shining through like a beacon….you started with the comment that it was all one-sided…well you just did the exact same thing…poor writing and poor form…nothing gained from this article whatsoever…

  11. Inconsiderate Axioms said:

    The problem with this article is that everything can be put down to patriarchy.

    Men have more heart disease – Patriarchy

    Men are larger and ergo have more back problems – Patriarchy

    Men receive low funding for testicular cancer – Patriarchy

    When will fedora wearing neckbeard dudebros realize that though women control the majority of wealth, spend the most money, take more vacations, receive more healthcare funding, live longer, receive more scholarships and therefore university degrees, receive more government funding on almost every area and have an entire government department devoted to their needs as well as hundreds of women’s organizations, they get to spend more time with their children if they choose to and obtain more personal luxury items, that although women who are the voting majority vote in male politicians, women voters don’t vote as a block, yet the majority of male politicians are obviously sexist and only create laws that’s benefit males, though there are no actual examples, anyone who argues is clearly misogynistic.

    I don’t want to hear that men receive sexism, because sexism is power + prejudice and not the dictionary definition of sexism. These men obviously don’t know that feminism is just fighting for equality just look at the dictionary definition of feminism.

  12. Jeremy said:

    So if i understand it you can’t be WHITE and MALE and have an opinion on feminism according to social media

  13. ghebert said:

    It shouldn’t be us vs them or a contest to see who has it worse…we should be working together toward resolving these issues. The problem is resolving some of men’s issues means women lose some of the things they’ve grown to feel entitled to such as automatic custody, alimony and general lack of responsibility for the rights they have. Could you imagine a world where a woman would receive the same sentence as a man for the same crime? Or a world where men have reproductive rights resulting in women not being able to pull the old “oops I guess I forgot to take my pill” card? Some women don’t want things to change because they either do not benefit from it.

  14. Rainer the cabbie said:

    Yeah, this damn pendulum, it swings in one direction than is rightfully dragged to the other side and all of us hope it will sometime settle in the middle.
    Problem is time and casualties.
    I see it everywhere I go.

  15. Jacob Lynagh said:

    Thanks, I appreciate it. I know what you mean, I feel like ideologues are being exploited far easier in today’s world.

  16. Bec said:

    I consider myself a feminist and I couldn’t agree with these questions towards women any more!!!! I am tired of agenda being just to further a writers own visibility!

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