Sydney Scenic SUP (stand up paddle boarding) might be a slightly different way to show your affection for your loved one this Valentine’s Day…but why not!?


Valentines Day is just around the corner, and that doesn’t mean you need to buy a stuffed teddy bear or box of chocolates from the petrol station. If you like being romantic Sydney Scenic SUP (stand up paddle boarding) has something a little different to offer, especially as the weather is still warm! Andrew Coe, director of Sydney Scenic SUP gives his top reasons as to why giving an experience is far more rewarding (and romantic).

Spend time together on the water away from any distractions such as family, friends, and phones

We have all heard that phone separation anxiety is a real thing, and that Apple even secured a patent for “see-through” iPhones so people can text and walk safely! Still, sometimes it is important to put your phone away and focus on the person you love  even if its just for a few hours. Although you may want to break up with them after finding out what they are really like.


Sydney Scenic SUP is a fantastic physical experience unlocking unique muscle use

Being sporty is great for some people apparently and you may have read a recent piece on TBS about how its more about feeling healthy than worrying about fitting into any particular mould. Paddle boarding is fun, physical and you can feel like Jennifer Aniston who regularly paddle boards while on vacation  Justin Theroux and great abs not included.


Present moment activity where your attention rests on the here and now, not on your thoughts or worries

“Be present” is something that is really important, according to Oprah. She would know, as she is “in the present” enjoying more money than most of us, but going out there and doing activities like this really does give you a great distraction from what is going on in your life and you can truly just be. Namaste…


Sydney Scenic SUP lets you view Sydney from the Harbour in a way you never have before

Sorry to TBS readers from any part of Australia that is not Sydney, but we have pretty amazing views. There is no better way to view it than on a paddle board and with your lover, or your friend if you hate V-day. Either way, you get to see something pretty spectacular, and truly be amongst it.

We think there is something cool about giving a gift that is a kick-ass experience and stand-up paddle boarding is something perfect…not only for this time of year, but for this romantic occasion  we even have some loved-up couples below proving our point. They also have a current deals for couples, so it’s perfect timing!

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