Australia moved a step closer to Europe today with announcement that the 60th Birthday of Eurovision will have Aussie voices lining up to take the coveted musical crown.


Australians woke to day to the cray cray news that we are part of the EU!!

YES, it’s true!

Get ready to cash in your Aussie dollars for Euros, swap your meat pies for baguettes or bratwurst or moussaka (unless the Grexit occurs) and drop your stubbies and thongs for lederhosen and Birkenstocks.

No, wait, we’re wrong…not part of the EU – part of EUROVISION.

*cue screaming hordes of Aussie lovers of Eurovision spilling their soy decaf dandy lattes in indie inner suburbs all over Australia in excitement at the news.

(And no doubt the much-loved Aussie comedian and compare Julia Zemiro is already preparing herself to belt out some tune in her dulcet tones VOTE 1  ZEMIRO)

According to the official Eurovision announcement

This year, the Eurovision Song Contest celebrates its 60th anniversary. To give the anniversary celebrations an extra dimension and to walk the talk on this year’s theme Building Bridges, the EBU and host broadcaster ORF invited Australia to compete in the Grand Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. This brings the total amount of represented countries to 40.

With this in mind, we decided to dig up the five Aussie acts in the past who would have competed in Eurovision if they had the opportunity! Or who we would have liked anyways…

No mention of Kylie, soz.



Can Scandal’us please make a return appearance just for Eurovision ? Their 2001 glory being part N’Sync and part All Saints, their songs are embarrassingly catchy and perfect for the Eurovision stage!


Courtney Act

With her hit, To Russia with love, Courtney Act is the perfect inclusion into the dance scene across Europe and after her recent stint on Ru Paul’s Drag Race we think they will embrace her with open arms. Can’t you see this song being done on the Eurovision stage with a million glow sticks going nuts? Ugh please make this happen!


Human Nature

The ultimate Aussie boy band slash mo town vibes would be appreciated with pretty much any of their songs from their long career. We would imagine they would write a special original track for Eurovision somehow validating how Australia totally belongs in Eurovision – but something similar to this rendition of their Blurred Lines cover would be pretty cool plus hearing them say “You’re the hottest bitch in this place” is weirdly hot…


Lee Harding

Eurovision loves a bit of pop punk mixed with camp glam rock. Season 3’s Australian Idol contestant Lee Harding probably wouldn’t want to be known as Australia’s Simple Plan slash Jedward contribution to the contest but that is exactly where we think he would fit perfectly. Don’t fight it Lee….


Olivia Newton-John and Johnny Farnham duet

If Britain could have Bonnie Tyler perform in the 2013 Eurovision contest, we should be able to have one of our icons belt out a ballad! Who better than Olivia and Johnny to perform Two Strong Hearts to an audience that is hungry for all things emotional wailing? The banter they could do on stage would be daggy and fabulous, and far more interesting than ol’ Bonnie girl…


Do you think we nailed it? Who would you have enter in Eurovision this year from Australia?

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