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Epiphany Morgan is the director of 365 docobites, an overly-ambitious project that has her travelling the world making 365 documentaries in 365 days sharing stranger’s short and shorter stories. Epiphany is an award-winning film-maker, having won best student director at the 2012 Australian Directors Guild Awards for her work on a documentary about the Kings Cross injecting room. Devoted to the arts as a form of expression, Epiphany sees creativity as a tool and as a source of knowledge, believing there’s a lot to learn from listening to people’s stories.

365 docobites: Teklit in Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv, the 365 docobites crew connect to Teklit and hear firsthand the plight of a refugee who fled his homeland in search of freedom and a better life.


Tel Aviv

It is truly a journey between death and life


The debate over asylum seekers can often be cluttered by politics, economics and terror, so what I’d like to offer you today is a story from Tel Aviv, of a refugee who is now temporarily living in Israel, what is the saying…oh yes, “straight from the horse’s mouth.”

Seven years ago, Teklit escaped from a military base in his home country of Eritrea because he was being tortured. He crossed through four countries to get to Israel, sometimes by car, sometimes by boat and sometimes he spent days travelling on foot.

He shared with us, “When you cross a border there is fear, and there is hope. When guards are shooting at you, it is truly a journey between death and life.”

After watching this film from Tel Aviv, and having the chance to get to know a refugee, you might find it hard to connect with Teklit’s story on a personal level. This may be because most of us have not experienced anything in life as traumatising as what he’s suffered, but in reality we really do share a lot with Teklit as we are all a part of the same humanity.

In fact, we have everything in common with Teklit – the same want of family, the same need to eat, the same desire to feel safe and the right to all of these things.


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365 docobites

The 365 docobites team, Epiphany and Carl, are travelling across five continents for an entire year to introduce the 365 docobites community to a “stranger a day” via a vlog of short and shorter documentaries.

Each docobite will be as unique as the stranger it features, allowing their identity to drive the content. Whether we’re with a stranger for a moment or a day, 365 docobites will capture the essence of that time in their life; humorous or horrific, dramatic or delightful.

What do these people look like?

What do they think about?

What makes them laugh, cry, scream and shout?

What is life like for the strangers of the world?


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