Jordan Rivkin joins the growing chorus of “game over” for the greyhound racing industry after the Four Corners exposé of endemic brutality and animal cruelty.


Last year, I wrote an article for TBS about the horrors endemic in the greyhound racing industry.

When that article was published, allegations of live baiting, which is the illegal practice of using small, live animals as bait, were largely unfounded, and vehemently denied by industry regulators.

However, Monday night’s shocking exposé by ABC’s Four Corners told a very different story.

With the help of Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Queensland, Four Corners was able to obtain evidence implicating some of the greyhound racing industry’s most prominent figures in the widespread practice of live baiting. Video footage documented various high-profile owners and trainers using live piglets, rabbits and possums as bait. They are seen strapping various live animals to a mechanical lure, before hurling them around the track and setting the dogs upon them. These animals are then mauled alive, torn to pieces by the dogs while the malevolent cretins who watch on cheer and guffaw as though entertained by the spectacle.

Not only is this an indictment on some of the greyhound racing industry’s most lauded figures, but it casts a dark shadow over its regulators, in this case Greyhound Racing Victoria, Greyhound Racing NSW and Racing Queensland. With the supposedly large budget they allocate to animal welfare, they have been entirely unable to detect what animal welfare organisations operating on a shoestring have detected. Either that, or they’re simply turning a blind eye in order to protect their commercial interests.

Either way, it’s unacceptable.

And what of the punters?

Repelled though I am by the notion of gambling on animals, many Australians partake. In fact, some $4bn is wagered annually in Australia, and this systemic cheating by major industry identities surely invalidates the outcomes of countless races. Were I a punter against whom the odds had been stacked by greedy cheats, I would surely feel aggrieved.

The greyhound racing industry is a scourge, and I’m hopeful that these sickening revelations are the beginning of the end for this grisly blood sport.


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