Senator Lee Rhiannon

Sport hunting: It’s just not cricket

Greens spokesperson for animal welfare Senator Lee Rhiannon offers a way to turn the sport hunting outrage against Glenn McGrath and Brett Lee into a positive for animal welfare.


The sport hunting and shooting of native animals for fun in Africa is no longer out of sight, out of mind.

Last week, there were revelations that some of our sporting heroes, men who represent Australia on the international stage, playing the game of cricket we love so dearly, are now the ones doing the killing and the posing.

Sport hunting is never ok. The killing of animals for “fun” should be banned in Australia and all over the world.

The outrage being directed at Glenn McGrath and Brett Lee over their hunting of buffalos, hyena and other animals is potent now but may dissipate. The news cycle will move on and the spotlight on this animal cruelty will fade.

McGrath and Lee, as popular role models, are in a position to show a genuine and sincere response to their involvement in the very brutal and cruel recreational activity of sport hunting.

There are a host of animal welfare and activist groups that advocate for the end of sport hunting, poaching and animal cruelty. Adding their support to these campaigns will carry a lot of weight for the global push to end an activity that is barbaric and unnecessary.

Having two sporting heroes become ambassadors for such a cause will make those who continue to support and engage in sport hunting, think twice about the pain and suffering animals endure.

Instead of ignoring this controversy or limiting our response to expressing outrage on social media, we have an opportunity to convince Glenn McGrath and Brett Lee that raising awareness around animal cruelty is a much better use of their time and high profile than violent and unnecessary sport hunting.

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  1. Luke Bee said:

    Best way to inject value and finds into conservation projects. If you really want to know the absolute BEST way to open up conservation efforts against endangered animals (I’m not talking elephants or lions here) but it’s to open up a season on poachers! Hunters would pay big money to knock off poachers. You see there is a massive difference between Glenn mcGraths contribution to conservation as a hunter to the money driven greed of a poacher (one pays money to assist in increasing numbers, the other is paid money to decrease numbers – it’s not rocket science). Some animals need to be removed to benefit the growth of a herd. Animals aren’t singled out for the cost they demand for fun, they are chosen for various reasons that more often than not promote the growth of the general populations. Ask yourself; how much more have you donated to the cause than Glenn McGrath has? Not a cent I bet!

  2. Oz said:

    Haha ‘DOWN’, it seems like you have difficulty understanding. Sport is defined as a competition between two or more competitors, usually directly. There is a system of scoring, a time limit, a field of play, and rules. There is almost always someone to adjudicate on these rules. This doesn’t happen in hunting.

    “Victory is the death of a beautiful animal” – so what, if it was ugly it wouldn’t matter? There must be an aweful lot of champion abattoir employees if that is your definition of a ‘victory’. Yet you go on later to say that a victorious person who enjoys hunting (and he does, that much is fact), wouldn’t post it up loudly and proudly.

    Can you prove McGrath or anyone else didn’t eat it? Do you really think he’d kill a cape buffalo (aka “beautiful animal”) and not have a steak?

    I think you *read into* modern day hunting a lot. An enormous amount. It doesn’t challenge your personal beliefs system better that way.

    Are you saying side girls are now sport?

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  4. Jindy said:

    The Green spokesman for intolerance at it once again, showing the world that there is no-one more bigoted than a NSW Green.

  5. DOWN said:

    ok let me understand this OZ. You are arguing it CAN’t be sport because there are no umpires or referees or grand final award? Are you a dumb bogan? The victory is the death of a beautiful animal. And its obvious McGrath considered it a sport because hunting for sport is the very definition of what a safari hunt is. They are killing animals not for food (which would NOT be considered sport) but for GAME. Read into what modern day hunting is if you don’t understand. And why didn’t they put it on social media? I think probably for the same reason a married man doesn’t post his side girls nudes on twitter. He is a fool, but not stupid.

  6. Oz said:

    Can anyone, including Rhiannon, show where McGrath, or Lee, considered it a ‘Sport’. If it was such a sporting victory, why didn’t they immediately stick it up on their social media accounts? Why weren’t they putting it in our face? Because its not a sport, and its not a victory. There’s no umpires, referees, and whilst some who retain animal parts might call them trophies, there’s no Grand Final perpetual award, like just about every other sport on the planet.

  7. David Liddle said:

    Could not agree more. I’d also like to see this much attention towards something more prominent…factory farming.

  8. Kim said:

    The only reason he is even slightly remoursful is because he was BUSTED he obviously has no respect for wildlife. I don’t care if he was going through a tough time cos of his wife. Boo hoo!!!!!! Thats NO excuse for killing beautiful wild life. I have no respect for him whatsoever.

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