Torture is the theme of Rich Jackson’s Long Reads this week; from law enforcement, to opinions on MH370’s whereabouts, to stories shared in and of “the manosphere.”


What kind of man joins the men’s rights movement? – Jeff Sharlet (GQ)

The story of a men’s rights movement. I don’t really know what to make of the philosophy, if you can really call it that. It’s the equivalent of a group of guys having a rant in a pub; but this is an interesting story. I do think there needs to be a public conversation about the role of men in modern society, now that the traditional provider role is gone. However, it’s clearly not going to be with these guys, because when a guy in the article starts saying that the age of consent should be lowered to 12, it just makes me feel uncomfortable and squeamish, and know that these guys are kind of fucked up. And I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be alone in that.



The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden “black site” – Spencer Ackerman (The Guardian)

I had essentially figured, ‘All right, well, they disappeared us and so we’re probably never going to see the light of day again.’

This piece reports a Chicago black site where US citizens were taken and subjected to interrogation techniques that amount to torture: beatings, and being shackled for prolonged periods; it was off the books, and clients weren’t allowed to talk to their lawyers. It seems that when you are doing this to foreign people, having figures like former Vice-President Dick Cheney perpetually bang on about how great and effective it is, then it is inevitable that someone will utilise these effective methods at home. I mean that’s one of the main arguments against the US’ use of torture in their War on Terror – if it is so effective, use it on some guy you think robbed a café, or even on school kids! I mean fuck it, why waste all these great methods on Muslims; if little Timmy put a stink bomb in the girls’ bath room, water board him for a confession, right?



How crazy am I to think I actually know where that Malayasia Airlines plane is? – Jeff Wise (New York Magazine)

The most over-reported story in a long time, fodder for cable news, I remember watching a clip of CNN host Don Lemon, a man with a history of idiocy, interviewing people and asking if a black hole could have taken the airplane. I just saw that and thought, well now you’ve done it; cable news has collapsed into its own stupidity. What right did all these people have to give their opinion on the issue?



Editor’s choice from

David Worobec’s enchanted world – Kevin Ting

So this is another video long read, a “long view” maybe? Crazy fun piece about a guy in Maine who puts on private shows from his home using tiny doll figurines. And you get dinner too. This is what makes the USA officially mad, but also what makes human beings officially cool in the nerdiest way.


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