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This is Corey Farrell. He is an aspiring Don Draper (minus the misogyny) who writes x-rated poetry, imaginary monologues, rants on rugby league and occasionally angry open letters to inanimate objects who simply can’t and won’t respond. He likes meat and puns, and firmly believes ‘a steak pun is a medium well done.

Where you can stick your selfie stick

Corey Farrell’s sick of the selfie stick scourge, especially at concerts, so he’s all for the Soundwave ban on vile, “vanity rod” wielding poseurs…


The selfie stick

…one of the worst inventions since the atomic bomb or Crocs; the narcissistic tool for tools that conjures up a rage in me that can be likened only to that of a steroid-abusing muscle fiend stuck in peak hour Sydney traffic.

So it is no surprise to learn that the promoter of the Soundwave festival has so intelligently chosen to crack down on those who indulge in the use of the selfie stick, saying “They ruin the experience for other punters.”

Aside from the fact that this is 100% correct, we should discuss how narcissistic creations such as this vile rod of vanity is ruining the world one Instagram account at a time.

We exist in a world where we live our lives through a camera, documenting our experience rather than actually REALLY experiencing anything properly. It’s more about bragging about being there than actually about being there. A culture of human hashtags getting off on carefully curated images of themselves rather than getting off on their “favourite” bands.

Call me old fashioned. I do come from a time in the dark ages before Facebook, where cameras had film and a selfie meant something else entirely done alone behind closed doors…

I can only hope that the selfie stick joins its other plastic aborted fad friends on some distant landfill island, maybe beside the Yoho! Diabolo and the Slinky. OK, maybe not landfill, I would hate for the environment to fall victim too.

If I could say to the youth of today, the selfie demographic it would be this, put away your god damn phones and enjoy the f*&king band!!!!


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