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Hot Taeks: The Bombers, Karmichael Hunt and drugs

As K Hunt cops a whack for his short-lived friendship with Charlie, Jack Howes will be watching the Bombers field a team of supplementary players in the NAB Cup who are at least supplement free.


Freedom for Hunt! The Reds’ star has pleaded guilty to four counts of possession of a prohibited drug, copped a fine of $2,500 and walked out the door without a conviction. The Australian Rugby Union then whacked on a six-week suspension and gave him an extra $30,000 fine. If you’re the sort of paranoid loon like me who has deep suspicions regarding the police state in Queensland, and Queenslanders in general, it’s worth you’re time having a look at exactly how the Corruption and Crime Commission managed to get Hunt and what their reasons for it were.

Regardless, Hunt enters the now ubiquitous public rehabilitation program. Public contrition (“made a huge mistake”), off to rehab, drug testing, apologies to friends, family, the local wildlife, any Colombians killed as a result of his indulgences, etc.

Still, I have some sympathy for the man. Not hard to imagine how in his situation I, and most of you reading, would be doing exactly the same thing. In his off-season, finally out of footy which – despite his best efforts – he never really suited…time for a bit of a party with his mates. And really, who even knows if he took the stuff. He probably did, but he might well just have been taking advantage of his status and connections for his mates. Stupid, but understandable. He was dumb enough to get caught, and will have to face the consequences.

The screeching from Queenslanders across various social media networks that unless he’s booted from the game they’ll tear up memberships is more than just a bit ridiculous though. Keep the shrill moralising for the things that matter.

The continued existence of XXXX Gold and Bundaberg rum, you know, the usual.

While we’re on the subject of drugs and moral outrage, the Essendon FC, or The Bombers as they are better known to AFL tragics, will be playing their pre-season games with 14 “supplementary” players from outside their playing squad. Given the provisional bans handed down to the players while the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) continues to try and prove that they took a possibly banned peptide, the Bombers have had to raid the stocks of Victorian Football League teams in order to actually be able to play. Other coaches are unhappy – they have to play a team of scrubs. The Bombers are unhappy – they have to field a team made up of scrubs. The AFL is unhappy – there might actually be a team worse than Melbourne this year. In short, it’s a complete farce and will continue to be a farce until ASADA actually decides something one way or another.

The Cricket World Cup has continued to tick along in the background. Australia tonked Afghanistan by 200-odd runs, and South Africa did the same to Ireland. The balance between bat and ball in the game is just wrong at the moment. It’s obvious in games between two evenly-matched teams; when there’s a mismatch it becomes even more so. The batsmen from the best teams are simply too technically proficient to be dismissed cheaply by semi-professional bowlers getting absolutely no assistance from the pitch. The obvious solution is to give the pitches a bit of juice, to raise the seams on balls, and to reduce the current bat sizes. The games administrators have decided that 4s and 6s are all the crowd wants to see however, and so that’s all we’re likely to get. It’s massively depressing. The bright side of the World Cup is that Bangladesh are a real shot to keep England out of the finals, a result that would be as hilarious as it would be life-affirming. If anyone has a Bangladesh flag hanging around, hook me up, I’ll take it to the streets.

I presume stuff is still happening in the A-League. Is there a real reason why I should watch it though? I’ve given it a few goes, but it just seems to be all the stuff I hate about soccer/football overseas (diving, hand waving, getting all up in the referee’s grill, general histrionics…), with perishing few good moments. And if anyone could explain to me what it is about soccer that turns grown men into five-year-olds the minute they step onto the field, I’d love to hear it.

As ever, if there’s an event coming up or a sport you think I should check out, hit me up and I’ll get all over it.


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