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  1. Michael Burrill said:

    What the point of complaining about politician’s pandering dishonesty if I then offer pandering dishonesty of my own in an attempt to sway someone to a watered down version of my views? Sure I’d love to change people’s minds but I’ll settle for being heard. I’m fairly happy with how I articulated my disagreement with much of what the politicians said, If it offends you and Douglas, that’s unfortunate but so be it

  2. Jacob Lynagh said:

    Yeah it was worth covering, Leyonhjelm was pretty stupid and tactless; not the kind of guy we need in the senate. The closure of the justice centre is a massive blow, afaik a lot of people depended on it.

  3. Michael Burrill said:

    Yeah that’s a fair point Jacob but I still thought it was worth covering for the underlining attitude it illustrates(one which is far too prevalent in parliament and society in general). As for the closure of the Aboriginal Justice Centre, I hadn’t actually read anything, looking into it now. I appreciate the heads up man

  4. Mike said:

    Mate maybe you need to just accept that the feedback is you were offensive for no reason rather than explaining why you didn’t agree with the content. That is all I am trying to say, you may call it bullshit thats fine but don’t you want to get through to people and change minds?

  5. Jacob Lynagh said:

    To be fair, constitutional recognition is a fairly divisive issue among the indigenous population – it is not as widely accepted as people like Adam Goodes would have us believe. Far worse in indigenous news this week is the closure of the Aboriginal Justice Centre.

  6. Michael Burrill said:

    I don’t think I insulted anyone for the sake of it and I’m always open to feedback, doesn’t mean I have to sit there and say thank you when I think it’s bullshit. Lastly with Douglas asking in the initial post if there was a way he could flag this as offensive(presumably in the hope it would be taken down) I’m not sure I’m the one you should be accusing of overreacting.

  7. Mike said:

    I agree with you Douglas. Mate, I have no issues with you giving your views but when you start just insulting people for the sake of it its hard to read the rest of your article. Saying that doesn’t make us feel un-Australian and it doesn’t mean we have delicate sensibilities. Me thinks you get too defensive when given feedback

  8. Michael Burrill said:

    Sorry if I made you feel un-Australian mate(that’s what real Aussies call each other isn’t it?). I put a lot of time and effort into my insults, I’d like to think they are above base. In all seriousness though, if you’re referring to my use of “dickhead clown”, it’s a reference to Leyonhjelm’s own use of those words previously. I’d say I’m sorry for offending your delicate sensibilities but that would be a lie. Have a nice day.

  9. Douglas said:

    We can do without the base insults. Certainly seems to be the best form of debate the leftists can muster.

    Is it possible to flag an article for being offensive? Don’t think so.

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