Attending an exclusive screening of Frackman, Jacob Joseph lauds a film light on science but full of heart, character and desire to show the human and environmental impact of CSG fracking.


Big industry wants the gas under his backyard, but Pratzky sets out to prove that fracking stinks.

Frackman (2015) follows Dayne Pratzky’s rally against the growth of coal seam gas (CSG). An entertaining story, which is light on science, the movie works as a character driven documentary – mostly due to Pratzky’s on-camera presence – and as quality content for anti-CSG advocates. Richard Todd’s Frackman shows us the human and environmental impact when big business starts cooking with gas.

Set in rural Queensland in a small town with red dirt roads called “Happiness,” Pratzky buys into an environmental catastrophe when gas companies start sinking wells around his property. He fights to stop a hundred billion dollar gas project in his backyard, he finds love, becomes the face of anti-CSG mining in Australia and must come to terms with walking away from his home. There’s enough going on to keep the movie interesting for its entire 90 minutes.

Tens of thousands of gas wells are being built in the coming years. There’s never any doubt that Pratzky is fighting a losing battle in Frackman. You don’t blame him for leaving the bush. What’s hard to believe is how families remain with gas wells in their backyard. After the screening of Frackman, far from looking like a man who has supplicated to big industry, he carried himself like a man who’s proud of the role he’s played in a cause he believes in.

The film’s call to action gives clear steps on how you can support the anti-CSG mining lobby. There’s enough vision of water on fire, dead wildlife and pipelines to swell up emotion for this issue.

Frackman has a limited release at selected cinemas and full digital release. Frackman is partnered with Tugg Australia. You can watch Frackman at any cinema if you can’t get to one of the session times. Pre-sell up to a percentage of tickets online and you can select the day, time and cinema for the screening.

Visit the movie’s website for more information and how to book tickets.

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