Last year we saw a multitude of people around the country take part in the March in March, and in 2015 “March Australia” hope for a similar turnout to send a message to politicians that citizens want their voices heard.


The March Australia people’s movement has organised further rallies this weekend to highlight community dissatisfaction with the policies and agenda of the federal government, marking the one-year anniversary of the original “March in March” 2014 protests.

“We’re an alliance of volunteers from around the country” said Loz Lawrey, a regional organiser for Central Victoria.

“Last year’s ‘March in March’ rallies were ignored by the media and dismissed by Tony Abbott as irrelevant. Well, we’re still here trying to provide a service to the community by operating our Facebook information-sharing pages and organising protests so that ordinary Australians can have their say.”

Lawrey said that Mr Abbott’s tenure as Prime Minister and party leader is now clearly terminal, and pointed to the recent leadership spill which failed to unreservedly endorse him as leader of the Coalition.

“The government itself is divided over its own policies” he said. “Government MP’s are realising that people in their electorates are not happy with the Coalition’s management of our nation. It’s not that they’ve sold their message badly, Australians simply don’t like the message. It’s not just the daily gaffes, it’s the lies, the broken promises and the total disregard of the impacts their harsh policies have on Australians. There is much more concern about the Abbott government among voters today than there was a year ago.”

Lawrey said that the meanness of last May’s budget measures made it clear that this government has no desire to consolidate the fair and inclusive society that Australians expect.

“They are governing for the rich and leaving the battlers behind. They keep talking about reform, but that should mean improvement, not just change based on ideology. This government is not contributing to the betterment of our country, it’s turning Australia into a divided, fearful and insecure nation.”

“We invite all citizens and community groups who have a message for the federal government to join us on the streets. Bring your placards and chant your message. I’m sure many of us have a slogan or two for Mr Abbott.”

March Australia rallies are planned for Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Albury/Wodonga, Taree and South Burnett.


March Australia

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