About Epiphany Morgan

Epiphany Morgan is the director of 365 docobites, an overly-ambitious project that has her travelling the world making 365 documentaries in 365 days sharing stranger’s short and shorter stories. Epiphany is an award-winning film-maker, having won best student director at the 2012 Australian Directors Guild Awards for her work on a documentary about the Kings Cross injecting room. Devoted to the arts as a form of expression, Epiphany sees creativity as a tool and as a source of knowledge, believing there’s a lot to learn from listening to people’s stories.

The globe-trotting docobites kids are back home in Sydney, having made a film every day for the past year, but don’t think that this is the last you will see of them…



Today’s docobite begins with this:

“Did you think it would be possible at the beginning?”


Carl and I finally put ourselves through what we have asked people to do 364 times before us, to sit and be interviewed by each other.

As we reflect upon all of the stories we have shared over this last year, we are incredibly moved by all the human emotions that run through each of them.

Carl and I wanted to use this last film as an opportunity to tell people about the power of storytelling and introduce them to some of the stories that can now be watched at www.365docobites.com from the people we met along this 365 day journey of docobiting.

There are a few tears in this last docobite but there is also great joy and hope because this is no end for us, it is only the beginning of what’s to come next.

Thank you for your eyes, ears and curiosity, for without these precious things, none of these stories would be heard.