Long Reads: Racism, imprisonment, Hilary and an inspiring psychiatrist

Slavery and the false veil of liberty, the brutal removal of short-lived liberty, a dig (read: SHOVE) at Hilary Clinton (apparently Rich Jackson ain’t a fan) and a lonely psychiatrist in Baghdad – interested? Read on…


Appomattox and the ongoing Civil War – David W. Blight (The Atlantic)

We all live in the shadow of history, so historical context helps us understand the “whys” of today. This article, while quite heavy-going in points, shows why America’s problems with their black population today is the result of the way in which the country was founded. The US is inherently a country founded on racism by allowing slavery yet at the same time declaring all people equal. Understanding this really opens your eyes to the political and social debate in the country.

Unfreed: The man who was accidentally released from prison 88 years early – Robert Kolker (The Marshall Project)

Brutal. Just a brutal read. A man fucks up — he does something stupid, illegal and violent. Along with an accomplice, he is given a crazy disproportionate prison sentence of 98 years, but he was released after ten. Prison changed him, he goes on the straight and narrow, gets a decent job, marries, becomes a father to two children; he just lives and deals with the excitement, pleasure, normalcy and mundanity of life. Then one day, six years out of prison, a phone call, his release had been a mistake, a clinical error. He is sent back. Everything he had built taken away from him. It makes you wonder what is the ultimate purpose of prison — to punish or to reform?


Is Hilary any good at running for President? – Jason Zenerle (New York Magazine)

As I have previously mentioned, I detest the Clintons, so I won’t go over that here. I debated whether to put this in as thought I might be repeating myself but I realised that this really defines many of the problems with Hilary Clinton as a candidate. As a President I am sure she would be a fine…for those who like hollow, “third-way” politics that cynically stabs their supporters, the working class/middle class, in the back as they cater to the rich and corporate donors — oops! Can’t help it. Anyway, this article uses previous examples from Hilary’s Senate campaign in 2000 and her failed Presidential campaign in 2008 to show why and how problems, scandal and the fucking endless media talking point may arise for the 2016 cycle.


Editor’s pick from narrative.ly

The Lonely Psychiatrist of Sadr City – Paulien Bakker

The horror of war and conflict flash on our TV screens on a daily basis, and we either take it in and think how lucky we are to be in a safe place…or turn it off and watch some crap reality TV show instead. But in places like Iraq, imagine being a resident dealing with the horrors and atrocities on a daily basis right there in front of you. Now dial back and try and imagine being a counsellor trying to help others deal with such. One brave man is trying to do this in Sadr City, Baghdad. You should read this, his story, and feel inspired by him.

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