It’s the big news of the day, at least if you’re a political geek like PB – Hillary Clinton has announced her tilt at becoming the first female President of the US, and it’s all about “family”.


Hillary Clinton has kicked off her campaign to be the first female US President with a strong nod to middle America.

Clinton’s official announcement at entering the 2016 US Election fray yesterday told Americans she is “getting ready to do something”, like so many “everyday Americans”.

In a sharp rebuke to those who feel Hillary Clinton comes from privilege and is disconnected from “real” Americans, and also to combat any criticism that an ongoing Clinton dynasty is a negative for America, the former first lady, Secretary of State and now prospective first female US president, is reaching out to everyday Americans who Hillary Clinton believes need a champion.

A champion she wants to become.

What’s telling in the video in terms of her potential policy platform is the breadth of Americans she considers as “everyday” and the importance of supporting what it is to be “family”. From those preparing to have kids, to post-university twenty-something job seekers, to retirees; parents wanting a better school for their kids; immigrant families starting their own business; single parents re-engaging with the workforce; and, in a big push for bringing the LGBTI community into the “normal America” fold,  a gay couple walking hand-in-hand who intend to marry later this year (and also, later in the video, a happy lesbian couple).

All the pre-launch analysis has been centred around the need for Hillary Clinton to launch her campaign without too much fanfare, unlike Republican counterparts such as Ted Cruz who, by making the announcement such a huge event, meant that it pulled the focus more onto the individual rather than those he/she should be running to represent.

It’s going to be an interesting 18 months – one that many of us will follow (OK, the political geek-heads like me, let’s be honest) with much interest.

For this humble commentator its #TeamHillary all the way.


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