Immunisation: The case against

Not part of the child immunisation “herd”, Sadie O’Grady asks you to think twice about allowing the government to marginalise those who are different.


The current government’s recent decision to financially blackmail low socio-economic families who conscientiously object to immunisation has me feeling like I’m living in some kind of dystopian nightmare.

Yet conversely, this situation has a medieval feel to it, atmospheric of a “ye-olde-times witch hunt”. Remember the persecution of countless women who were falsely accused of denying the new status quo of “science” in regards to managing the health of their communities?

Throw me in the river with my hands in a bind, regardless of what I might say in this article as I already feel doomed to be burnt at the stake for not immunising my children.

I will be affected financially by this decision, however, that is not my main concern. I am extremely grateful for the current system that can support people such as myself to have food, shelter and access to clean water. Woe betide my scarlet letter of conscientious objection. The term “conscientious” is defined as “wishing to do one’s work thoroughly and diligently”. It also has meaning relating to a person’s conscience. In September of 2001 as I sat pregnant, like a bursting fruit, with my first child, I watched people jumping from the Twin Towers in New York. What a scary world we live in.

While I was pregnant, I thoroughly examined the ingredients within vaccinations (which was enough to put me off), researched scholarly journal articles on adverse effects, looked at the processes of disease mutation that would not be covered by the current immunisations and decided that, as my newborn child came into this world, I did not wish to inject anything into his body. My own immunity and antibodies processed through the umbilica and my colostrum would cover my new small human. I even asked for the recommended Vitamin K injection to be administered orally. I had no problems consulting a doctor and filling out the necessary forms for my conscientious objection.

In 2009, while studying a degree and working full-time within the disabilities sector of education, I fell pregnant again. From 2001 to 2009 there were nine new vaccinations added to the national immunisation program. I could go into a tangential aside here about the vaccine injuries I discussed with countless parents in my occupation who believed that their children’s disabilities were directly correlated to immunisations, but I won’t. These accounts were not taken seriously as Australia became a more libellous country in line with our American counterparts. The heartache and stories of these people are too precious to be ignored, but they were. When I tried to lodge my conscientious objection form with the HIC immunisation register, I was denied a signing by a doctor at my local clinic and had to ask another clinic to sign the form. I had to lodge three forms, two of which had been previously lodged and “lost”, and on the third time I finally received the acceptance of my conscientious objection.

I tell my story so people will have a better understanding of the processes. They don’t make it easy, so you had better be very sure you want to persecuted every time you go to the hospital because your child has a minor health problem. I want to make it extremely clear here that I am not anti-vax, I am pro-choice. The language used to define those who make decisions against the status quo is deplorable and demonising. I have seen abhorrent rhetoric from keyboard warriors, stating that people like me and my children “deserve to die”. I love my children. I would do anything to ensure they are free from harm. I respect your parenting choices as you should respect mine, but don’t call me a “moron” or “stupid” or a “conspiracy nut” because I have researched and examined properties within vaccines that I do not wish to intravenously inject into my healthy child.

Let me ask you some questions.

Have you heard of foetal bovine serum? That’s in the FLUARIX vaccine currently being administered, yet has been delayed this year because it’s not really going to cover the latest wild strains. Perhaps you might want to check out how they obtain those cells from cow foetuses.

Have you heard of the Horvath review outcomes in regards to febrile convulsions in infants because of PANVAX and FLUVAX? You can find it on the government website, along with a list of people within the industry who have to state their conflicts of interest with “Big Pharma”.

Can you really honestly tell me that you have researched what is going on, or are you just happy in the bosom of a government that treats you like livestock, as one of the “herd”?

Did you know that most pharmaceutical companies make upwards of three billion dollars per year  “maintaining your health”.

First they came for the refugees on Nauru and you stood by and did nothing.

Then they came for the remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia and you did nothing.

Then they came for the informed fringe dwellers, the marginalised and the poor, who decided that they wished to conscientiously object to immunisation, and the agendas and the programming…and you did nothing.

Are you next?

What do you hold dear to your heart in terms of principals, morality and humanity that this slippery slope of legislation, which, when passed, will open up a floodgate of precedents to steal from you?

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