Alcohol, Aussie culture and the new Minister for Booze

Alcohol abuse is a problem in Australia, and despite the PM’s seemingly minor skolling of a beer on the weekend, it wasn’t a good look given his recent decrying of substance abuse and domestic violence.


Unashamedly I was a bit concerned when I saw the first images of Tony Abbott skolling a beer.

I guess I have a bias here  a mere week earlier I was celebrating not drinking alcohol for three years.

Our Prime Minister, the chief representative and executive of the nation, has openly declared issue with domestic violence and methamphetamines. He is a fierce combatant of the negative aspects of Australian life, as a parent and politician.

It was odd to see these images from an apparently enlightened man.

Yes, we do all make mistakes. These are especially prevalent on Saturday nights.

Taking a swig of beer at a sporting event is not what we would call uncommon.

The underbelly is the issues that emanate from such.

Earlier this year I was part of a roundtable on domestic violence. It was quickly acknowledged that women disproportionately face intimate partner violence on sports days that include alcohol consumption.

For a parent who is concerned about ice, a man who is concerned with domestic violence and as a politician charged with supporting women it was an odd thing to see.

Obviously, ice and alcohol are very different, but if Abbott is truly concerned about recklessness and the health issues associated with ice, he should also be considering alcohol and other substances.

Australian Institute of Criminology research found that 25 per cent of Australians have been a victim of alcohol related verbal abuse and that a misuse of alcohol is highly prevalent in cases of child and partner abuse.

Personally, I couldn’t care less what he puts in his mouth, but these actions seem stridently against what he is supposedly standing for.

I’m reminded of outgoing Army Chief David Morrison’s words…“The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.”

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