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HP Future Filmmakers: A short film competition for the 21st century #HPTagIt

TBS is excited to introduce our readers (many of whom are budding filmmakers) to the HP Future Filmmakers short film competition. #HPTagit

HP Future Filmmakers is a short film competition for the 21st century, showcasing right here on YouTube a grand final selection of five original, evocative, and artistic creations. A force of new, brazen filmmakers can be accessed at your fingertips, with the winner being selected by the public.

For the past twelve months, HP has directed their power in a meaningful way by supporting the next generation of Australian talent across music, gaming, fashion and entrepreneurialism for their ‘Bend The Rules’ campaign. Hopeful ‘next-big-things’ submitted pitches around the ‘Bend The Rules’ theme, with HP then selecting and supporting five Australian directors to go ahead and make their films. Alongside conventional equipment, each of these films uses the new HP Spectre x360, a convertible laptop that the directors attest to opening up a multiplicity of opportunities for easily accessible and polished filmmaking.

The structure of HP Future Filmmakers means that short films that aim is to agitate and penetrate the stale status quos of filmmaking are a few clicks away. You can access the ingenious, the rebellious, the renegade, and the avant-garde of Australian filmmaking without leaving the office or getting out of your pyjamas. The innovative format provides a much needed quick hit for those who are wanting to add a splash of colour to everyday mundanity and who are bored with conventions. It satisfies different desires, from the curious to the rabidly film obsessed. If you haven’t realised already, short films are exquisite treats for those who are time poor. (Hell yes.)

HP Future Filmmakers is of note because it enables and urges viewers to interact more deeply. It snatches up the creative potentials of current technology and centres the audience at the core of the competition.

Upon watching the films, everyone is able to delight in meaningfully supporting the next generation of game changers. You decide which filmmaker deserves a cash grant from HP by voting for your favourites. You’re impelled to create a tagline for each movie poster. (Submit them on HP Australia’s Facebook or via Twitter and Instagram using #HPTagIt.) And of course, you are able construct thoughtful reviews and valuable criticisms through YouTube comments and social media posts and shares.

And, if for whatever reason you needed more incentive to support filmmakers, HP is also giving back to the audience as well by giving them an opportunity to win a $5000 Flight Centre voucher and a HP Spectre x360 convertible laptop.

If you’ve ever had the urge to rival Woody Allen by jetting off to New York to make a film, or the impulse to fly to Paris and contend Jean-Pierre Jeunet, simply like HP Australia on Facebook and submit your tagline as per the instructions above. (My wild daydreams may finally be realised…)

Harnessing the power of technology meaningfully connects everyone to the potency of film. Feedback and audience engagement further directs the filmmakers’ creative processes and refines their approaches. And, you can even become a rule bender too by exploiting the technology that gives you easier access to shaping your own creations.

Finally Australia is bending the rules of technology to move into a new era of filmmaking. We’re starting to reverberate through and shake up our cultural landscape. Australians can and should take advantage of innovation to give us all the potential to become an integral part of film culture.

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