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Amy Schumer: The last f#ckable day

In a sketch from the new season of Inside Amy Schumer, it’s the “Last F#ckable day” for a certain well-known and much-loved American comedy legend…but what the f#uck does this mean and who the f#ck is it?!


In every actresses life, the media decides the point where you aren’t believably f#ckable anymore…the media is great like that, right?

Amy Schumer discovers this amazing insight as she wanders the banks of a river where she stumbles across the “holy trinity of hilarz” – Tina Fey, Julie Louis-Dreyfus and Patricia Arquette as they sit celebrating this momentous occasion.

We’re not going to tell you WHO has reached this day of days in a Hollywood actresses caree (no it’s not Amy Shumer, she’s wayyyy to young and hip for that) – you’re going to have to watch the clip to find out.

Watch it somewhere like a tram or train or at a cafe because this absolutely HILARIOUS shit should share this with everyone, plus you’re gonna laugh your arse off and it’s cool when someone does that out loud in public, right?


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