Bruce Jenner: It’s never too late to live as you see fit

Brandon Biddle is applauding Bruce Jenner’s brave decision to come out as transgender at 66…if only the announcement didn’t have to be accompanied by judgement from the gossip rags…

Are you all happy now?

After all the chatter had caught on, Bruce Jenner has spoken in an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer to confirm the supposed “scandal” that has every cheap women’s gossip magazine slathering their front pages with heinous, ignorant headlines.

What a relief!

We can all suckle the teat of the patriarchy a little easier now knowing that order has been restored. Hoorah!

Thank the white guy in the sky that allegedly made everything in a couple of days without a light on!

Don’t get it twisted. A great deal of us are overjoyed to hear the news, myself included. I think this truth will inspire humans globally, some that have felt a certain way with their own identity but never knew what could be done or that were afraid to take that first step. It is so great to see not just because it is such a struggle to break through the judgement and live for oneself, but also because of the fact that Bruce Jenner will be turning 66 this October. It is so refreshing and necessary to have the celebration of trans people of all ages, not just the bracket that is considered “marketable”! It is a brilliant moment for us all as witnesses of a rapidly evolving social landscape, to have someone with such a platform, demonstrate that it is never too late to live as you see fit! Life is fleeting, so dig your fingers in and get messy with it while you can.

And yet, amongst all this positivity there are still those that refuse to depart from their outdated perspective and pointless hatred, beating their chests and furiously swinging about their canopy in protest. This is for the likes of you that think it to be “humorous”, “gross”, “unnatural” or “sinful”…from the general public, to those with a following that poke fun like we are back in the school yard. When did your life become so perfect that you could begin to concern yourself with other people’s choices which don’t affect you, let alone think that your ignorant opinion of it means anything? I’m done with the stupidity, the tactful use of pronouns, the measuring of one another against this fabricated chart that indicates who is okay and who isn’t. Discard it, or be discarded!

That being said, a warm congratulations to Bruce Jenner, and all other humans out there that continue to inspire us with their strength and courage despite the cards they are dealt on the daily!

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