Kicking off with dentist-in-waiting Bryan Clay, we’re running Jack Howes #HotTaekes a couple of days late this week, but its still full of all the best sporting stuff of the week that was.


Starting things off with an absolute belter for the “What? Wait, no, seriously, what?” files.

Bryan Clay, the American Beijing Olympics Decathlon champion, has caused a bit of a ruckus by removing his daughter’s lost tooth with a javelin. Not saying Bryan Clay gave the offending tooth a bit of a jab, but he did tie a string to it with the other end attached to a javelin that he then proceeded to piff downfield. To make it all the weirder the entire process was filmed, although I suppose this is the age in which we live. Bizarre as it might have seemed, the process appeared to work with the young daughter of Bryan Clay not even realising the tooth had gone at first. I’m reliably informed that a javelin weighs a bit less than a kilo and gets up to speeds over 100 km/h when it gets going, so there’s a decent bit of force there.

Anything’s better than pliers I suppose, but Christ. If you want to see the video, it’s up on Bryan Clay ’s Twitter: @bryanclay.

While we’re on Twitter, the “People’s Prince”, Warney, has been on a roll. England have recently returned home from a three-match tour of the lowly West Indies that resulted in a 1-1 tie. Warney ripped off this string of tweets.




  And then just to twist the knife followed up with this:  

Get that man his knighthood.

If you want to see true sports farce, one has to look no further than “oop norf” to the Queensland Reds. Head Coach Richard Graham now has a winning percentage of 25.93 in his third year at the club. And they’re getting worse. This year the Wallaby-laden Reds have won two, lost nine, and are second last on the table – putting up a pathetic 13 points per game. Rather than firing the man, the Reds have decided to dig their heels in and recall ex-coach John Connelly. Connelly, who hasn’t coached professional rugby for eight years, has been brought in to, well, read for yourself:

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 2.15.49 pm

It’s farcical stuff, and with rumours that star young players Liam Gill, Curtis Browning, and Chris Feauai-Sautia are considering jumping ship to other Australian franchises, the Reds are digging themselves an enormous hole that will take years to get out from.

In the NFL, #DeflateGate is finally drawing to a close. It’s a long and convoluted saga, the upshot of which is that Tom Brady, star quarterback of the SuperBowl Champions the New England Patriots, probably knew that staffers were tampering with game balls to get them below regulation pressure requirements thereby making them easier to throw. The NFL is yet to decide a punishment. Given the Patriots standing in the league and the influence they wield, it seems likely any punishment that is forthcoming will be on the very minor end of the scale.

The best part of it all those is the texts between the staffers as a result of the investigation into the scandal. One absolutely loathes Brady, and both appear to be about fourteen.

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