Brandon Wade, the “ and Whatsyourprice” guy (and self-proclaimed dating expert) claim love is for the poor..and he has made 35 million dollars from them…go figure…


Whatever happened to the good ole concept of a romantic crush? If you are talking about online dating (and crushes can happen here too), then Brandon Wade murdered the crush idea.

I am going to point out well and early that I think this guy is dangerous in making the world a little more like a piggery.

Brandon Wade self confesses that he had no luck with the ladies early in life, and so the software developer made some dating websites to suit.

To date: where  “sugar daddies are paired with sugar babies”. About 40 percent of the guys on this are married men. Forty percent of the women are students and another 25 percent are single mums. It’s basically a service that finds the guy a mistress, and when financial times are hard, more woman sign up.

From the front page of this site:

Perks for sugar daddies: No strings attached; Ideal Relationships; Upfront and honest arrangements with someone who will cater to your needs.
For the babies: :Be Pampered; Indulge in shopping sprees, expensive dinners, and exotic travels. where you pay your date to come and sit with you over…dinner. where the woman gets a holiday and she has to put out as payment.

On Brandon Wade’s personal site his banner quotes, “love is a concept invented by poor people”.

Ah…and prostitution was invented by the rich I believe.

And a couple more gems… where you dangle a bribe in front of someone you want to go out with you, and lastly just in this month…, a site catering to being cool with anything you want sexually so to speak.

This, Wade claims, is all about being honest about banging around with more than one. He says it’s the opposite of sites that are cheating sites where your preferences for more partners are discreet, lied about or hidden. I’m suddenly getting seekingarrangement vibes of the 40 percent married type.

The undercurrent of all his sites make me feel more than slightly ill. He’s worth $US35 million, has married one of his sugar babies and yet still doesn’t believe in love.

Thank goodness he opened his openminded site…there’s hope for him yet with all those extras he can sample.

Maybe love is in there somewhere.

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