Paul McMahon wants to personally ask Tony Abbott to make clear decisions about the removal of citizenship for foreign fighters before more Australians are lost forever.


Tony Abbott has flagged that in future, there may be cancellations of the Australian citizenships of terrorists/foreign fighters where dual citizenship is confirmed.

This immediately triggered an agreement from voters. Terrorist or foreign war fighter bad; Australian good.

“You should not break the law if you consider yourself Australian!”

This is somewhat true, but how can you be sure that the right thing is being done? Many Australians break laws, murder, rape and attack people; but their citizenship remains intact and their financial burden becomes a state issue in prison. How can you truly agree with every decision the Government has made?

The United Nations currently estimates that there are 10 million stateless people globally. That’s a big number, and I wonder how many were confirmed stateless through a clear, government to government conversation? Is there a hotline for that?

Conversation is where the Government is seeking public love. We are living in an age of public engagement and the fuel of social media on the back of the government itself. We are all aware that Tony Abbott has had a bad run, notably a little quieter of late.

It is good to live in a democracy that asks for discussion. Democracy is built on people power. But someone must take action and asking almost 25 million people to do that is crazy and impossible! We vote for a Government and I doubt the vote is 100 percent for Tony Abbott (that will need to be confirmed). The Government must take the action and sometimes we need more than a conversation or a discussion – we need truly informed decision-making skills.

Tony Abbott, I personally beg you to stop with this prayer for public love; you’re focusing too heavily on popularity and do not have a clear direction. Act or don’t act.

Much of his wording around this issue is too obscure and I for one require clear definition of how someone’s citizenship is lost forever.

One argument is that this style of discussion fuels internal hatred, which in turn, fuels internal terrorism. If some people are refused Australian citizenship with no clarity regarding their other state, then how can you confirm others will not act against you?

We remember the ludicrous Iranian man with dual citizenship in Martin Place last year. That one man did a horrific thing, but would the cancellation of his citizenship have made us safer or would it breed more like him? He was one; are we looking at possibly more to come?

My main personal concern for this measure is clarification. Centrelink cannot even clarify people’s true wealth or tailor the service to sick people. Shall we trust that same government to possibly destroy the future of an individual?


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