In a country where ‘life wasn’t meant to be easy’, Paul McMahon finds the issue of refugees very easy to understand but overly complicated by politicians and the media.


Refugees are not so simple in this modern world of ours. Mexicans are flooding the streets of southern USA, Africans are pouring onto the coastline of Italy and Southeast Asians are travelling miles by boat to, well, us.

This is somewhat true, but it is obviously too simplistic. Too easy to write policy that automatically breathes fear in our untrained eyes. Are we all politicians here? No? Are we all deeply intrigued by every political moment with a clear understanding of policy itself? No?

Here, my friends, might be the reason why most people are unaware of the deeper meaning in Abbott’s stand – it is built on populist politics and not humanity as such. It is not fair to simply say Australians hate sharing and caring. It is far more complicated than that simple stupidity.

We need to question how refugees can still be accepted in Australia, yet allowing such in both a humanitarian and safe fashion. Refugees will continue to come. Some refugees are in camps that are many miles from urban centres, let alone media diffusion.

I recently watched a show that detailed refugee situations in Myanmar. I have travelled to Myanmar prior to its political shift to attract tourists. I walked on the very streets where most people cannot afford to live day to day. I was lucky for having experienced this situation as it gave me an interesting perspective.

Refugees are not criminals. They are humans. Do they have access to all media outlets and the legal parameters of refugee policy if they seek asylum? No.

Refugees search for the best life possible. Not to be the next Britney Spears, but simply to eat and feed their children. To live in a safe home. To run away from war and the destitute life that war brings. That’s what refugees search for. Australia’s current refugee policy of slow processing systems with no clear definitive end, and ignorance of the destitute close to our borders, is pure hate.

That is right. Hate. We must analyse this deeper? Look at what commercial television stations tells us? No. Refugees are simple, they are only complicated by the human need to breed complication. Humans are not simple creatures and may have differing goals, some may not be perfect, others might be nearer to it. We don’t know.

Under current policy, in telling refugees they cannot enter our country and seek refuge, I have one simple question. Why have we signed an international refugee agreement? Why? Everyday we create more detrimental causes for this agreement to not exist.

Is Australia a better country through migration? Yes, I think so. Are we planning on ignoring refugee needs in favour of the rich alone?

The refugee crisis does not give me hope. It makes me sad for humanity and it is not a problem going away today,  despite Abbott’s decree to stop the boats, fuelled by that stupidity problem again.

Enjoy that Abbott, enjoy – I’m sure that is the first news at 6pm in every Southeast Asian refugee camp.

Life is not so simple, rather than ignoring that fact for popular votes, try to make a good realistic policy Abbott, Please.

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