In today’s TBS #travelogue, Paul McMahon offers us all 10 foolproof ideas to not only keep us in the travel game, but in control our travel destiny.


Travel is an endemic disease in this modern world of ours. I suffer from it and have been to 35 countries at 28 years old! It will not stop tomorrow and I need to consider these 10 full proof travel companions. I think you should too, as these points equal mega happiness in the land of travel.

Follow this and you will see 35 yourself!


1. The place.
Do not simply think of where you might go from what others tell you. People’s opinion is important, but not final, in the decision making process. Research is the key, and will tell you much more about what you need than your lonely old Aunty at 102.

2. Weather.
What kind of weather you want changes what kind of journey you skip along. Think of the place itself as well. London is cold and sad weather wise, but has an amazing indoor extravaganza to see, while Fiji has sun, waterfalls and beach, but their local museum needs a new roof (truth in that story needs to be checked)!

3. The animals.
Do you need animals to be cute and cuddly? Or is New York City’s beating rhythm with dogs and cats more your style? Animals drive many tours including the African Safari or the Amazon Jungle. Think of them to think of you.

4. History.

History is a funny one and we automatically think of Europe as the only place to find it. Us humans have existed elsewhere before Europe got to exploring. The temples of Egypt or Mexico are just as exciting! So think, are you a glass and metal kid or a stone and aged kid?

5. Adventure.
Let’s face it. There are some countries in this world where you can wander around listening to your iPhone while wearing your latest diamond jewellery. Others? Not so much. So you have to think, will this affect your comfort or will it send you on an unforgettable path riddled with danger but open to pleasure?

6. The culture.

What you also need to remember is that the world is made up of a vast number of cultures, be it Native American Indians or European bakeries. Not to mention the Native American Indians differ from North to South, and the Greeks do not cook what the English do. What you want to see or what you want to discover will decide this thought.

7. Sex.
Please, hear me out on this one. Some cities are famous for their “attractions” of a sexual kind. Be it dancing at a gay club or visiting a local sex worker or both for that matter. This sounds dumb for some but it’s the truth – we are human, a bizarre, thinking, two-legged animal who has these funny organs between our legs.

8. Food.
You do not understand how important this is. Food can be the awakening of your senses or the birth of a new Chef’s recipe dream. Be it desserts or be it breakfast, your choice can change any travel into bliss.

9. Attire.
What kind of person are you? Are you the kind to wear the latest expensive coat or the kind that walks down to a local cheap shop and buys what’s hanging on the secondhand rack? In fact, don’t limit this one, you may find a nice woollen jacket or funny little tapping shoes (I was thinking of Holland here). Wear the clothes that wear the trip.

10. Funds.
This one is the cutest quality I get to experience, with little dimples and showing its bright teeth and wide-open eyes. THAT IS A LIE. Money is the evil of all evil! In saying that, it’s a necessity in our world; capitalism or socialism, money builds bridges. So look at your funds and don’t go overboard. One day you might have the money, so be happy and think of the life outside of travel and the travel will be better for it.


So there you have it. 10 foolproof ideas of how to stay in the travelling game, rise to the challenge and conquer with great ease. The final result is you, with control your travel destiny!


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