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Unskilled immigrants: Why Hollywood needs to stop sending us their garbage


With another unskilled immigrant, Mariah Carey, potentially arriving on our fair shores, one TBS reader has had enough, rousing us to join him and #TurnBackThePrivateJets.

Dear Editor,

I, for one am pissed off.

This Mariah Carey thing is too much. I simply can feature it no further.

We need to turn back the private jets.

Why? Because they’re taking away jobs from honest, hardworking Australians. What about that young tucker, the one who went to broadcasting school, who cut their teeth on the mean street of Ramsay and were burnt by the harsh sun of Summer Bay. The battlers who went on to scribe odes of the soul to catchy noughties techno-pop, what about them? Don’t they get to come home to a job?

Delta Goodrem, you say? Sure. She’s a noble pier being eroded away by the tide of those who wash down here. These unskilled immigrants, who have no qualifications, mind, they just lay in the sun, chasing the dreams in their bloody heads. They contribute nothing to society, they just sit there on their rotating thrones, just talking to hear themselves talk, flogging Kentuckian chicken, and look down at us from the VIP suite at the Crown.

It’s wrong.

All I’m saying here, Mr Editor, is how are we expected to cross the divide from the Stage, to the Chair, to make the grim decisions on our growing Australian Entertainment Talent? We’re good at calling good – good. How can we continue to ignore great Australian icons, like Nikki Webster, while turning around and agreeing to the outrageous demands of these big-woop “imports” who will just bugger off in six months anyway? I just don’t want young ladies and fellas to think they can’t be the next Holly Valance.

If we’re to let them in, let them go through the due processes. Just like everyone else. I think that’s fair. Mariah, you’ll have to wait, and sure, I’ll purchase your Christmas Album Live from Christmas Island, I’m a big fan of your music.


Joseph R. Adams.


Image: AAP

Image: AAP

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