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Founder and CEO of The Big Smoke, Alexandra oversees the leading digital content platform in both Australia and the USA. As a social and technology commentator, she is interviewed most days of the week on radio and appears on ABC's The Drum and ABC News24. Alexandra is also a Director of NFP think tank, Plus61J, which explores the political and social ties between Australia and Israel; and sits on the board of Estate-Planning FinTech start-up NowSorted.

TBS Winter Wonderlands: Raglan House in Berrima

TBS publisher, Alexandra Tselios, recently seized the opportunity to swap her busy city life for the fresh, crisp air of the stunningly beautiful NSW Southern Highlands, where she discovered Raglan House, a contemporary, luxury home set amongst 2.5 acres of picturesque gardens.

I have a really depressing admission to make. You know how normal people have conversations with friends and they say stuff like ‘Oh, I am going to Bali next week for a break’ or ‘Christmas this year will be in Hawaii’…I haven’t done that. Not for 8 years. I just haven’t had the time and my focus has been work. So when I discovered I had the opportunity to get away to the Southern Highlands I jumped at the chance! We left Sydney one early Thursday afternoon, eager to experience the joys of rural living. Usually I am a clichéd traditional uptight city person who can’t relax, but once I was out of the city, I started to unwind and take in the calming sights of rural NSW.

Raglan House is located one kilometre from Berrima and a short distance from Bowral and Mittagong. Upon our arrival, I was immediately captivated by the refined setting of the property and its elegant surroundings – absolutely stunning. From an aesthetics point of view, there is much to love about Raglan House and if I could imagine a dream holiday getaway it would look exactly like this house. It is a stunning family home, newly renovated, with all the modern conveniences of today. The level of attention to detail is clearly evident throughout the property. It is really the perfect environment to relax. The house itself features spacious living areas; four bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms, even the floors are heated! Entertainment and technology requirements are provided for those who wish to stay connected -TV; library, Bose surround system and Wi-Fi internet (This was my first question). I could be as solitary as I wanted, yet with the assurance that technology was still available (phew!). I actually wanted to change the locks and barricade myself inside the house – although I heard that is illegal et al.

Our first evening in the house we cooked a delicious meal in the modern, fully equipped country kitchen. We then retreated to the warm, cosiness of the fireplace, drank wine and settled into enjoying a mellow evening of conversation, board games and music. The Raglan House website uses the slogan “Your Home away from Home”. I cannot think of a more appropriate description and I hope it means that legally I can claim the property for myself now (Of course, I need to check the legalities around this).

Unfortunately, I am the type of person who rarely sleeps through an entire night – no matter how fabulous the bed. As per usual, I woke at 3am, we made a hot pot of tea, sat in front of the fireplace and played backgammon. Nerd central, this was the best part of my stay.

In the morning, I sat outside on the gorgeous deck with my laptop, looking over this amazing property and trying to meet a deadline for an article. I think I did some of the best work of my life that morning, with the clean, crisp air, fresh coffee and peacefulness of the property offering inspiration. I also got the opportunity to wear my massive ugly socks (a last minute buy from some man-woodchuck shop in Nowra). Typically, I had failed to pack properly, but I don’t want to talk about that part of the trip.

Thank you Raglan House for the opportunity to stay in such an elegant property. I highly recommend to those, needing time out to unwind, or just seeking to experience the joy of luxury living, to choose the elegant charms of Raglan House, Berrima.




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