Long Reads: Disciplining Children, Prison Food and Spousal Murder.


Restriction is the recurring theme in this week’s Long Reads featuring: Prison Food, Children and the Ex-Ex-Wife.


What it’s like to actually eat the food in Oakland County Jail – Stephen Katz (Detroit Metro Times)


It’s difficult to defend prisoners or have sympathy when they are in uncomfortable living situations, because we want this to act as penance of some sort. However, not all prisoners are bad people, and not all free men and women are good people (see Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption). This account of the rancid food prisoners ate is revolting; I didn’t expect to read of prisoners eating maggots and rotten food in American in the 21st century.

The prison recipes are hilarious though.


The Proposal – Allison Copenbarger Vance (Indianapolis)


Part of me selected this article because the author’s name is amazing. But the story is also a fantastic read. After meeting a man online, who just seemed perfect (they always do) Jonnah, was soon let in on a dark secret, this man, was planning on murdering his ex-wife. Faced with this, Jonnah tells police, and the story starts from there. Perhaps, this is why secrets should remain in relationships.


What if everything you knew about disciplining kids was wrong? – Katerine Reynolds Lewis (Mother Jones)


I am so happy I don’t have any kids. God I hate them. Always crying for attention. When they fall over, there is that pause when they look around to look for an adult figure, the fall clearly hasn’t hurt but they cry. Morons. And their paintings are shit, so under the theory given in the article, i may be a child-rearing genius.





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