When we found out an Aussie company was putting consumers in a stronger position to make better shopping decisions we needed to get onto that!

As it turns out, Shopping Ninja saves you a few bucks on your next functional alcoholism purchase, or you know, if you have your life together enough, technology purchase… so we sent Brett Pearce to search online and report back.


One of the reasons I like online shopping the most, besides having to deal with people, is that pants aren’t required. One thing I absolutely hate about it though, is that seemingly every time I make an online purchase, I’ll see it on a different site for a bit cheaper after I’ve placed my order. This is even after I’ve sat there half a day checking everywhere I can think of.

Now I buy a lot of beer online. I like beer, a lot, maybe more than I should. I also happen to be one of those guys that goes on about different beers all the damn time. You know that one friend every one has these days, who just harps on about some beer he had last week that was made with ridiculously pretentious ingredients, that’s me. Fear not, I won’t try to act superior by name-dropping some obscure beer, I’m here to talk about being cheap. I’m cheap (unless I’m on a date; ladies)
I don’t really have any loyalty to a certain bottle shop, I just want to get a buzz as conveniently as possible, getting it done cheaply too certainly helps. Instead of googling prices on beer for which is going cheapest this week; because let’s face it, you can pay to get your site boosted on google results these days, I decided to trial a new in-browser app.

The icon is a ninja, come on dudes, I’m already sold on it. So basically the app works like this, when shopping on one of the partnered sites (it covers quite a few major retailers, and I’m sure will expand sooner) if you’re looking for a certain item it has a drop down that will allow you to view if they have it cheaper, and even compare prices on the item.

As a test I was spending roughly $50 (keeping my guidelines as loose as my morals in this case) on beer I enjoy, delivered to my door. Just to get a gauge on effectiveness I thought I’d just bogan out for a moment and go with something common, like VB….

As you can see via the drop down I got a price comparison from some of the retailers, and where I would get the best deal. It’s completely unobtrusive, functional and gonna get me a deal. Marvellous.



Now of course I didn’t go with the VB, I have standards (at least when it comes to beer. Ladies). I decided I needed some Monteith’s Black Beer, because I like my beer just like my heart. Black!

It’s obviously not as common as VB and maybe not stocked at every bottle shop, but damn, Dan Murphy’s came through with the cheapest deal on this either way. Add $7 delivery cost and I have a pretty good case of beer for about $64. Which let’s face it, sure I could have gone down to Dan Murphy’s and carried a case home, but that would have involved clothing, exchanging pleasantries with the cashier, and possibly missing out on a better price.

Shopping ninja is a really easy way to save a few bucks on your next functional alcoholism purchase, or you know, if you have your life together enough, technology purchase. It covers so many major retailers, and I’m sure once people realise they can say they use a ninja to fill the hole inside themselves with purchases the app will only expand even more.

Hell, I can only imagine hen’s nights or pre-drinks are just gonna get that much worse when ladies can shop around for the best deal on whatever terrible wine they prefer (probably something awful like moscato).

It’s a Game-changer.

Shopping Ninja are currently a commercial partner of The Big Smoke’s, and you can download their Shopping Ninja free plugin here!

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