Long Reads: Ethics and sweatshops, sports therapy, business turns psychic

This week’s Long Reads re-examines our conceptions of sweatshops, and sports, as Silicon Valley turns to mystics for an edge in the market.


The myth of the ethical shopper – Michael Hobbes (Huffington Post)

Everyone loves the bargain of cheap clothes. But we obviously detest (or ignore) the notion that they are made by child labor in sweatshops, exploiting the economic situations of third world countries. But as this article explains, our conceptions around sweatshops are wrong, and attempts at stopping them in the ’90s, while noble, have proved ineffectual…so how do we go about stopping it?


Long-time listener first time caller – Shannon Proudfoot (Sportsnet)

I love the concept of this article. A radio sports show functioning as therapy. I love chatting sport at pubs because everyone has a quick fix solution to their team’s problems. I honestly almost murdered half the spectators at a pub when watching the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. “Dude, he should have just hit Mayweather, got him in the corner, and worked him”. I just imagined using my jumper to strangle people from behind to thank them for sharing their insightful post-stamp knowledge of boxing. I’d happily do a 20 stretch for killing someone for moronic sports chat.


Psychic capital: Tech and Silicon Valley turn to mystics for advice – Jeremy Lybarger (SFWeekly)

I just don’t get psychics. Virgo? No, I’m an August birth. So this story is an unusual read. That even the most intelligent people will turn to something like this? I dunno, it beats me. But it was interesting to learn that the really senior level CEOs of tech companies have turned to a form of spiritualism. Linkedin CEO Jeff Weiner advocates for mindful meditation. It is such a common occurrence that it was written into the NBO show Silicon Valley.


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